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Muss will see Pinion and the Hawks vs K-Low Elite in Birmingham at 6:45.

Do we pick the highest ranking of all the sources when we talk about recruits? It seems sometimes we talk about ESPN rankings and sometimes 247. Which one do we use. The one that sounds the best? Or is this site committed to ESPN?

If he commits to us, we use whichever site has him ranked the highest.
If he commits elsewhere, we use the site that has him ranked the lowest. :joy:


RD tends to use ESPN, I think. I like to look at the 247 composite ranking which combines 247, Rivals and ESPN (it used to include Scout until 247 bought Scout).

I prefer the composite as well.

Derrian Ford had 26 points, 8 steals, 5 rebounds & 3 assists in an OT loss yesterday.

Ford is a one man wrecking crew. He has to make all his opponents nervous and weary.

Have a good relationship with Paul Biancardi. He was a college coach for numerous years. Call me prejudice but I think his and Van Coleman resumes are the best.

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Clay Moser is in Atlanta looking at prospects.

Agree. Good call.

Respect that. I balance that with the fact that they don’t see the kids as much as others. In the end, I look at them all.