Muss says Vanover is still growing 😀

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Wow, if that chart is right, Vanover is 7’6" and Muss is 5’8"



The question is will Connor become the unexpected secret weapon due to advantages the extra height can potentially bring? Nobody expects him to be much of a factor this coming season…

Connor had his moments last year. He has the potential to bring a lot to the table against some teams.


If CV can hit the 3 semi-consistently, I could see him out on the wings on offense to clear out driving lanes for Lykes, KK and Devo. But again what does he do on defense? He can protect the rim but not much else.

I wouldn’t say nobody.

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Yeah, shoes. If CV takes off the shoes, he can’t be much over 7-5, right?

CV I think is a better shooter than he showed last year. The only problem is there seems to be more offensive personnel than we’ve had in a while. Will he be able to get enough playing time in to show it

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If you look, CV is in the red at the top of the sign (that starts at 7-7). Don’t know how much shoes add, but he was listed last year at 7’3. So he has to be right at that 7’5 mark.

That’s assuming the height scale is posted accurately, which it may or may not be. The top of the door openings on either side appear to be about 7’10", which I don’t think is a standard door size but would make sense in a basketball setting.

How tall is Muss? Found something saying 5-4, and something saying 5-8. If he is 5-8 then that height scale would be pretty close. If he’s 5-4, Vanover is still 7-3

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A 1986 story in the LA Times said Muss was 5-7 as a college point guard. But that was 35 years ago. And people tend to shrink a little as they age (the discs in their back dry out and compress).

Those are definitely not standard doors… looking at the distance from the handle to the top of the frame. Putting standard 6-10 door frames in the basketball building would have been incompetent architecture. :grin:

Probably his biggest weakness was that he couldn’t protect the rim. Once teams figured out his defensive presence was an illusion and started attacking him in the paint it was over for his playing time. Still I’m hopeful he gains some wait and a mean streak. All our front court guys except Williams are unproven

I don’t think that’s correct. He protected the rim just fine (you don’t block 51 shots if you can’t protect the rim), but he couldn’t cover a pick and roll to save his life and they P-n-R’d us to death.

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Is CV gaining any weight? Needs to stop getting longer, but he can’t control that.

I’m curious why some continually push for him to gain weight.
He isn’t exactly nimble now. It will be worse with added weight.
Furthermore, his main “weakness” is leg strength and that’s understandable. Players know to just get low on him and he can’t hold his position. If you go back and look at last year, when he was involved in the pick and roll on offense, the opposing team didn’t rush to double down on him to help the guard that had switched on him. The guard would simply root him out by attacking Vanover’s legs.

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I guess because he is unusually tall, instate guy and a nice person, people keep hoping for the best for him. That is natural for fans.

I have come to the conclusion after watching Muss teams for two years, Connor is just not a good fit for his system, just like he wasn’t for the previous system.

I believe what intrigued Muss most about Vanover were his ability to block shots and his 3 point shooting. History says he should be an excellent 3-point shooter. I think Connor’s inconsistency in his shooting was the main thing that drastically cut down his minutes.

IMO, Muss would live with some of the P&R problems on defense, if he was consistently hitting his 3 point shot. He certainly doesn’t have a problem getting it off. No one is going to block it.

If he can prove he can hit the 3 at over a 40% clip, I bet he’ll see some fairly significant minutes. Maybe 5-8 minutes a half.

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