Muss’s Presser Was Bad!

I just saw it and struck me as bad for him and the team. Yes it was disappointing, and yes it was a game we could have won, but having your head down and never looking up struck me badly.

He could have easily looked everyone in the eye and say we had our chances but didn’t play to the level needed at key moments. Yes, we’re at a disadvantage size, etc., but we were right there and didn’t rise to the moment. We played hard but didn’t get it done. For all the good that I’m excited about… that was as bad as the loss. I sure hope the player’s respond better than he displayed at Miss State.

You a little dramatic you think? I’m sure he bit his tongue on what was really on his mind

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I get what you’re saying, but I can’t remember watching a presser from any coach that never once looked up period. Think he missed an opportunity to address players and incredible fans in a positive manner. I’ve been very impressed to this point but this was just 1 game. A big game but a teaching moment. Struck me badly… Maybe I’m wrong!!

We haven’t been past the sweet sixteen in 24 years.

Just fired a coach for going 3-8 at making NCAA tournaments. Because Arkansas should always be in tourney.

And this coach who is a combo of Sutton and Richardson demanding wins and NCAA, is a little down for losing at home in a big game against Kentucky.

Be grateful we have a program that cares to its core again and demands NCAA tourneys or nothing.

No more of this pedestrian well we tried.

Real passion. Real hurt. Real resolve. Really pissed about losing.

About damn time.

Go Hogs, baby.


I had absolutely no problem with it, he was ticked off, knew we had a chance to win wasn’t happy! He’s not in it for moral victories! He knows this will not be the last defeat with the roster we have, the players saw how upset he was trust me!

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It was immediately after the game. He was very upset with the loss. He showed me how much it means to him. I saw nothing wrong at all wrong with how he acted. Cal didn’t even show up for his!

youdaman, your last nine words were the best. I feel the players will look at them and it will make a big differents in how they play the next game…

I would be more concerned if he went to the press conference looking like everything was fine! I’m glad CEM was ticked off! Hw cares and wants to win.
He can get the players he needs to as well.

I thought it was odd he didn’t once look up from the interview room table, but I didn’t find it disrespectful in any way. He still answered questions, maybe just not in as great of detail as we’re accustomed to. He has noted in the past that he doesn’t take losing well, so I chalked it up to that. I figure he’ll be back to normal this afternoon when we speak with him.

At least he did not say “uhhh” or “grunt” and “cough” and speak with a low voice like Anderson did after all games. This is ONE game that CM was really hurting from a defeat and changed his demeanor. That is NORMAL, considering the importance of the KY game. Anderson never seemed to show hurt, always the same after a game. I want to see someone like CM who shows his hurt and his desire to win and points out the problems… Yep, I agree : no rebounding, no good FT% made and a mediocre 3 point %. We MUST get some height under the basket and it really hurt that our 7’1’’ transfer was denied his request to play immediately. Our tall guys need to crash the board and not be lazy. Heck, crashing can end up with the RB and then making a basket or being fouled or both. But it ain’t being done enuff , and KY is an example of how we are losing in the clutch. We do not play well when being behind most of the game. Then our fatigue shows when we do get close to a comeback. Miss State game will tell us a LOT. Winning on the road is of utmost importance to show our resilience.

Losing will do that to a coach. He does NOT take losing well and I like that. That was my interpretation.


Completely agree Clay…

It was quite unusual and don’t think I have seen such a presser before. It was bad optics for sure. I hope Muss wasn’t like that in the post game locker room. After such a loss, coaches usually calm the players down, tell them we are a good team, just lost to a better team on this day and give encouragement for the next game. Hope he did that.

Normally someone from the media would mention this, but Muss has won over the fans and media in a few short months like no other coach I remember in the history of Razorback sports. Plus it is the honeymoon period.

As someone who admittedly doesn’t watch the pressers, did he do that when we lost to WKU and LSU? If it’s because he’s upset we didn’t win, shouldn’t he have done the same thing the other two times? Did he?

I watched the WKU and LSU pressers. I did not see anything unusual there. He appears more dejected than most other coaches for sure, but nothing that stands out.

Exactly the response I expected from you, PJ. It’s right the opposite of how Mike handled a press conference after a defeat. I’ll take Muss’s way every time. He hates to lose and so do most fans!

He had every right to feel and act the way he did. The game was there for them to win when ejection and technical shots occurred. We had crowd and the lead but did not answer the 15-0 run at home. Missed opportunity and they now have to rebound against State which will not be easy either. He will be fine today but his reaction was very typical of Nolan’s back in the day–we just are not used to seeing it much lately. Good to see the passion and know he cares the way he does.

No one is going to say, “Hey, coach, you mind looking up while you’re talking?” Everyone noticed it, and I wrote that he did this in my analysis after the game. People mentioned it.

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I’ve coached youth sports for almost half my life. Everything from pee wee flag football, tackle football, basketball and since 2008 coached AAU basketball.

My job was never on the line and I never got paid but losing still sucked. Some are better than others with how they take a loss. I always took them very bad. My best friend has always been my assistant coach and he was the only one that could talk me off the ledge sometimes.

I know I’m rambling but I need a little self help today…lol

We started our AAU team when our team was 5th/6th grade. Our goal was to one day when the state DII aau tournament. We started playing in the state tourney when we were 8th grade. We lost in the finals in 8th grade. 9th grade we lost in the semis. 10th grade we were up 4 against a Wings team with Jemario Bell on it with about 3 minutes to go. The team that had already advanced to the finals we had beaten in pool play so I really thought this was our year. We end up losing because of a dumb move by me and by missing free throws.

I’m not ashamed to say I sat outside of Parkview high school on a picnic bench and cried in private for a few minutes. It was heart wrenching seeing my boys hurt so bad. We were just a local team from Hot Springs that should have taken down the Wings. All my boys were told they weren’t good enough to play for the Wings at the time. They wanted it so bad and I let them down. That was around 2012 and it still hurts. We would go on to win it the following year. Man what a feeling that was.

I said all of that to say I could see the pain in Muss’s face and body language. He felt horrible losing in front of such a great crowd. He felt like they should have won the game. I applaud him for showing his true feelings and not sitting up there stuffed shirt and giving coach speak. You can tell the man really cares. There are other coach’s that care just like him but handle it different. Neither is wrong, just different. He is super competitive and I think he really wanted to prove to himself and some others that he could take down a blue blood with his team. I love the guy!


Great post Razorblack!

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