Muss, Razorbacks and the NBA Draft

I was just looking at a couple of 2023 and 2024 NBA mock Drafts. It’s pretty amazing what has happened in the last 2-3 years:

From NBA Mock Draft - (recently has been considered one of the better NBA Mock Drafts):

#4 AB
#7 Nick
#27 Ricky

#9 Baye Fall
#24 Blocker
#27 Brazile

This mock draft was updated today.

A couple of other 2023 Mock drafts I looked at had Walsh going in the first round in the 20s. IMO, if Trevon comes back next season and is close to 100% healthy, he’ll be much higher than #27 even though Juniors are not given preference in the NBA draft. He just fits the NBA stretch 4 profile perfectly.

I believe the only other Razorback NBA draft class with 3 players taken in the first round was Day, Mayberry, and Miller. If Walsh also sneaks in the 1st round in 2023, that would break the record.

Obviously, these drafts haven’t happened yet and none of this may come about, but it’s amazing how the national sports media is taken with Muss and our Razorback players and recruits. It doesn’t mean much right now, but it feels good.


We start getting these guys going in the 1st round and Muss will be handful for other schools to compete with. He is now, but 1st rounders would change some things.

As of today do you guys think Walsh will go in the first round?

Just guessing, but I’d say it depends if he continues improving like he has in the last few weeks. He probably needs to pick up his scoring (only 7.9 pg now) which has improved recently. He also needs to improve rebounding and become more consistent. He has improved his handle and turnovers a lot these last few weeks.

Because of his athleticism I think he’ll be drafted in the 2nd round without much improvement, but I hope he would decide to come back if that happens.

All just my uninformed thoughts.

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Good opinions …he’s like a bull in a china shop. Just needs to learn how to not break the china.

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Honestly, Jeff, it depends on if he is drafted on potential…and Jordan has it. So I doubt very seriously he will be back.
In my mind, he could use another year of college to refine his game, but I thought the same thing about JWill.
Just don’t think you ever count on getting 2 years out of a McDonald’s All American.
Would LOVE to have Jordan and TB back, but I think we will be extremely lucky to just keep TB one more year.

As an aside, I’m watching Oregon tonight (why, I have no idea…they suck). Ware is going in the lottery, and even Charmin thinks he’s soft.
Different times, my friend.

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Oregon looks awful tonight against a 9-6 Colorado team. Which the ducks are 8-6…Ware Ware Ware

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I honestly don’t think he could have helped us. I saw one big block, but he didn’t get a ton of minutes.
Totally get the questions about his motor.
I’m good with the Mitchell twins.

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