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Is it just me, but I didn’t like coach Muss press conference after the game. He acted like we had no chance and was going to be long time to try and figure out what to do after Smiths injury…He acted very frustrated and negative instead of saying we will be all right and next man up. Injuries happen coach. Realize it and get other players ready to play.

If you go back to any press conference he has after a loss, he doesn’t sound great. He does not like losing. He does not handle losing well. I guess that’s a good thing, but when you watch him after a loss, keep that in mind.

I actually enjoyed it. He does hate losing obviously, but I think it was a great challenge to the team. We lost a guy and we played like it affected us as if the sky was falling as a team. No denying that.
When he said ‘ Everyone thinks they are really good, deserve more time, everyone had chances today show me something.’ Something along those lines anyway. I kinda saw that as as a challenge. We obviously played as if it hurt us really bad mentally as a whole. ‘ I’m deeply concerned, we will have to figure it out’ Adversity showed up and we crashed, I think the PC was meant to challenge these guys to respond to adversity waaaaay better than they did. A guy going down can’t cause our play to go into the fetal position, I think that was the disappointment, and he played on that well I thought to challenge them without throwing them under the bus.


I think he showed lack of confidence in his players. He said he wasn’t going to be able to figure it out for several games. No way he could get it done with Tn in 3 days. Quit whining it is what it is and move forward. It will be interesting to see how we play Wed. Unfortunately, Tn getting beat last game really makes it a very likely L.

This and another thread pretty much address the PC yesterday. I saw it, and wondered about some of it, but it did not bother me. Remember what General Patton said about being a Good Loser. It cannot be repeated here. Muss was very frustrated about how his players failed to do the things they had been coached to do and that they did not concentrate on the shots around the rim.

I also have heard several coaches say that they tell the players to never pay attention to what is said to the press.

I do think though he was trying very hard to send a message to the players that they need to step it up and be willing to get dirty. I think all of those things were part of it.

I do not want him to become good at PCs when they lose. He does not need to practice that. Losers are good at that.

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That is verbatim what he said in a press conference after the Auburn game and before the MO game when he was asked by a reporter about Smith.

How did that work out? He’s now still searching for that next man up. He was a no show for the MO game. He’s throwing down the gauntlet to his players that they need to show up for the games ahead.

A friend told me last night (tongue and cheek) a press conference like that hurts attendance. Of course, crowds are not happening in Covid.

Reiterating here, but nobody HATES LOSING more than Muss. Me, I luv it! :sunglasses:

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