Muss pre LSU presser

Muss seemed to indicate that there has been discussion of adding a non conference game to the schedule, after A&M, and before the SEC tourney, so we can play the max number of regular season games. I would love that! Think Okie Lite would give us a return game?

The one thing about Covid, is it has given us some killer games that were not originally scheduled. Coach Neighbors can reap the rewards of that UConn win for a long time, and he will. Go Hogs!


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I think the Big 12 is going to be really busy over the next couple of weeks trying to make up a lot of missed conference games. They got further behind than the SEC did, and are going to be playing a lot in the next few days. Plus a lot of the smaller conferences will be starting their tournaments in just over a week.

I just hope the Hogs beat LSU tomorrow! Then they need to worry about S. Carolina. Take it one game at a time. The Texas A&M game might happen. Based on the the last month I doubt it’s played.
Getting an additional game played would be fine if CEM can make it happen.

Muss can make it happen if he wants to, and if the players agree. I think he wants to play the max number of games…just like Coach Neighbors does. Obviously, he won’t put us in a bad spot going into the tourneys if a game doesn’t make sense, but I don’t think any of us would be against another home game. Especially considering how well we’ve played at home this year. We are one of the few schools that still has a home court advantage, even with Covid. I’m probably selfish, but I still want to watch these Hogs play as many games as they can.

I listened to his press conference. It doesn’t sound like he wants to play another after the Texas A&M game.
The question was asked by a reporter for him to respond too!

I haven’t dug through the audio yet, and there appear to be different interpretations of what he said. But the logistics aren’t easy here. We play next Saturday at 4 p.m. Assuming we clinch the double bye, we’d play Friday in Nashville. So you’d have to play a 27th game Monday or Tuesday. You have to find someone who wants/needs another game, isn’t in a league that will have already started its tournament, and can either travel or host.

Following conferences are not available:
America East
Atlantic 10
Big South
Mo Valley
Ohio Valley
Sun Belt (so no UALR or ASU)
West Coast

That’s a whole lot of teams that aren’t available even if they missed some regular season games.

Probably wishful thinking on my part. Like I said, I selfishly want to watch this team play as many games as they can. Regardless, I hope we paste SOA today! Go Hogs!

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