Muss postgame

He basically admitted that he HAS to play more guys…especially after what Graham did today.

Muss also admitted that he has never had this much quality depth in his career, and it is kinda making him reevaluate his thinking.

I am glad to see this. If we can go 9 or 10 deep in March, we are gonna be a problem.

Go Hogs!


Our second 5 could beat quite a few teams. This team may have the most depth of any team to ever put on a Razorback uniform.


Not only does he have to, he did.

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I heard PB talking about this on the radio. 25-30 minutes is a lot of minutes to play, and of course this is situational, and not a cookie cutter. But he was suggesting if you could get the NS, AB, and the 4th in that range and a couple others it would be beneficial to those guys and the team in March.
Especially when you are really in a situation and have the depth that allows for and almost demands it. Again there will be situations where those guys are not coming out in a few games.

Generally though he has a lot to work with and can keep some key components fresh for down the stretch and in March. Generally.


Muss has an embarrassment of riches to work with, and he knows it. Just glad to finally see him acknowledge it, and maybe re-think his attack going forward.

He recruited these dudes, after all, but maybe now he sees that The Bear knew what he was doing too…quality depth can be a super power in March and April.


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