Muss Postgame

Oh, the last time we got Szelc before last night? The Elite Eight game with Baylor in Indy.

Hmm, maybe coaches need a voir dire for refs that are prejudicial.

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I concur with the other schools about this ref. He’s clearly the Angel Hernandez of college basketball.

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How in the world did Creighton win the rebound battle and have fewer fouls? (rhetorical)

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They were extremely disciplined when it came to blocking out and position.

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I’m laying in bed with the flu board to death so I went back and rewatched, he called almost all the fouls. A couple of the questionable ones multiple refs called it. The “hook” review call on TB’s 4th, it appears all 3 of them called it. Szelc did most of the damage. A few were self inflicted. Szelc also called the foul on the floor on the other end when AB should’ve been shooting a +1. . . .

Sometimes its hard to tell because the camera is zoomed in and the refs can’t be seen.


It was pretty clear Bilas thought the officiating was bad. One call that stands out to me was where they reviewed the foul to see if it was flagrant & Bilas said he didn’t even see a foul. I didn’t see one, either. They replayed it several times.

I know bad officiating is often part of the game. I also know all of us tend to think officiating is worse against us than for us. That’s universal. But this time, I think it really was bad officiating & it looked to favor Creighton.


Yea Bilas is usually just subtle about things like that. As it is his job to be but he clearly pointed out a few bad calls & non calls. Maybe that’s why he kept praising AR play knowing we were getting a 2nd half hose job.


That was the one that seemed personal. We were getting a bunch of bad calls and then he calls that nothing foul when they flung the ball out of bounds and then he looked for 5 minutes to upgrade. Seemed like he had lost control of his emotions at that point.

Sir, this process is about getting the right refs for this particular game. Is there anything I’ve asked that might make you think you’re not a good fit for this game…like, for example, are you going to let your emotions take over and call a T on some unidentified non HC or player from 50 feet away well after you missed a call (or at least were completely inconsistent) causing a reaction from someone?

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I knew there had to be some big history. Makes more sense, now. The things EM has liked on Twitter suggest this isn’t just a random bad night. He doesn’t like that guy at all.

Curious, Gas, why had said “most of them”? You are there, and I’m not, but it looked like our whole team (even the ones who didn’t play) were very engaged.

I love Muss’ passion. He fights for his guys, just like The Bear did.
These Hogs are tough, just like their coach.


Anyone who really appreciates and loves college basketball had to be sickened to see the biased, game deciding officiating. Preening, narcissistic official made himself the center of this contest.


I sat beside several Blue Jays. Good people and into their team as should. Half way though the second half, the person beside me said we really want this game, but not like this. This is a real hose job and an embarrassment. There are two great teams out there giving there all. They both deserve a well called game.

All I could say to that was “Yep”.


Plain robbed. Players having to spend extened time on the bench and forced to let up on their defense or be fouled out.

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There you are. And players shouldn’t wear their emotions for refs to see. Spot on.

Szelc reffed the OSU v TT game so he won’t be in our game

Creighton needed to foul late to send AZ to the line, tonight, but only ended up with 5 second-half fouls and ran out of time.

Looked like Creighton was the ANNOINTED one for this tourney, got the calls their way again.