Muss on the Red Zone this morning.

Lots of good info, but a few of things stuck out.

On offense: players are given tons of freedom.

On defense: They didn’t play a single possession of zone at Nevada. (pro mentality)

On recruiting: Won’t limit himself geographically but is looking for players that want to be here.

On hiring: Going to take his time and find the RIGHT people to make sure all the pieces fit together. Looking to compliment the areas that he needs help in.

On conditioning: finish everything, finishing everything strong. Heavy emphasis on conditioning.

On pro vs. College(his career): It was a feel thing, where can I be the most successful at. The LSU jump was a real leap of faith because he had a pro option that would’ve been comfortable.

Saw in a different interview, after the two years in Tempe, his wife was a BIG influence on him staying w the college game.
I believe all three years as an assistant, his teams won 20+ and went to the Dance twice.