Muss on Rome

Muss was on Rome for last 10 minutes or so here are highlights.

  • Rome and Muss met at age 23, came up through the business together, says he really doesn’t have a relationship with anyone longer than his with Muss

  • This year’s team is different with depth. Said last year he basically had 2 guys he let run around and do what they want, but this team has more depth and options and will be more structured.

  • Said the pro masks he wears started out as a way to connect with 17 y/o’s not GMs in the pros. Wanted to have conversation starters with kids. Said it exploded and now he get stuff in mail he never asked for and enjoys it and doesn’t know each day what is coming. Says it’s a good way to encourage mask use.

  • Danielle is great for program with the players. Her background helps them with interviews before and after so players can improve in that area. Says she can give a parent aspect to Muss of the kids and how they may be feeling from a human standpoint. Said she’s excellent with social media as well.

  • Talked about recruiting verbiage is NBA verbiage not star verbiage. He says when he and his 4 assistants evaluate, they evaluate like they do in the pros because that’s the language they all understand and it has worked out well. Compared transfers to free agents from impact standpoint.

All-in-all he’s as solid as they come and we need to keep him around.


VERY nice wrap up, thanks!


Thanks. Great background info.

So glad Muss is our coach

Well done on the summary…

There is a plan to everything. It all fits together nicely. He is the complete package. Wives generally make or break a coach. Eddie Sutton’s best assistant was wife Patsy. Frank’s top assistant was Barbara. I would say similar things about Nolan and Rose. Without question, John McDonnell’s wife Ellen was a tremendous asset.

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