Muss on Bellarmine

I guess this was in reference to the Kentucky Game against them. Kentucky beat them 61-40. May have to look up that video.

On another note, what interview was this? I try to watch them all and I haven’t seen this one. Is the video posted somewhere? Bob asked the question.

I found the original tweet from, it was from back on 11/17. Thought it was more recent. Still funny

Bellarmine has been blasted by every D1 team they’ve played, except they won by 1 point against L’ville - who we now know is awful; really awful. I’m sure plenty of UK fans were trolling us while we were behind Troy.

Yeah, that press conference was definitely pre-Maui, because Bellarmine was brought up because it had beaten Louisville. It was after the South Dakota State game, if I remember right.

I have already watched it.

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