Muss must fix these things in the off season

No chemistry, no leadership, poor defense, weak outside and inside scoring, Stop Depending On The Portal to be the core of the team. By the way, this is not a fire Miss post. That would be the dumbest move the AD has ever done. Having said that, this is Muss’s team. These are the players he wanted. He gambled and lost. He needs to own it and fix it. CEM is not foolish. I believe he will correct these problems as much as possible in the summer.

A top 5 high school class is coming in next season. All high school players. Help is on the way. I expect there will be less emphasis on portal players going forward, and more emphasis on player retention/development. It’s important that Muss do everything he can to ensure that the trio of Chance Moore, KK Robinson, and Jaxson Robinson all return next season. I’m most concerned about one, or more, of those 3 leaving Arkansas after the season ends.

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Our walk ons play more than Chance Moore. Something is wrong there.

Maybe Moore is redshirting. Unless it’s due to injury, basketball players don’t redshirt
much anymore.

I can see Moore transferring if his playing time doesn’t improve.

I’m still holding out hope for this years Hogs but the clock is ticking on them to respond and play better on both ends of the floor.
The portal can be great or a complete miss fire and this year there are a few bad mis fires. Last year Vance Jackson just failed to play defense. This year it still a work in progress but man it stinks to this point in the season.

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I’m reading a book, Destination Unstoppable. It is about a hockey team that had talent, but wasn’t performing to potential. The coach is my friend. One thing that jumped out at me early in the book is that you have to focus on improving strengths and not focus on improving weaknesses. For example, you don’t try to work on a baseball pitcher’s ball handling by putting him in at shortstop. You focus on making him a better pitcher. With this basketball team, they have talent. They just aren’t playing to their potential as a team. Here’s a link


This is well said and sounds like a good book thank you.

Only caveat I might offer to improving strengths.

We may find ourselves in a position where ball handling is not an inherent strength.

May be one of the conundrums of this roster.

Hopefully this team can find the right strengths and get over this hump.

Jaxson probably won’t transfer unless it’s to a Div 2 team. He’s already transferred once, so I believe he would have to sit a year if he transfers to a D-1 team a 2nd time. I hope he stays. He could be a valuable “spot up 3 point shooter” and get 15 minutes a game off the bench. If he continues to work hard on his defense, he might get more minutes than that.

I would hope KK stays, but only if Muss gives him a fair chance of winning the PG role. IMO, he and Chance are more likely to transfer because they wouldn’t have to sit a year.

There is a problem w developing players these days. It’s called nil. Every kid wants to play and shine. Sitting on bench and developing is a thing of the past. Nil has completely changed the way you recruit. In both football and basketball. Wouldn’t surprise me if KK and Moore both transfer. Heck in football we lose 2 starters and backup QB to portal. It’s a new world out there

Cool story only if you discount the fact that our current coach isn’t into “developing” players.
He takes pride in being the transfer king. Remember?

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I don’t think this is true. Muss leaned heaviliy into the portal first 3 years or so becuz they had to go out and deveop relationships with high school players, coaches, and parents which takes a lot of time (like years) and effort. It’s about to pay off in season 4 with a top 3 recruiting class coming in, all high schoolers. I truly think this will be the norm for the program going forward.


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