Muss Mic’d

Good stuff. For those that like a good conspiracy there is no sighting of Ethan Hensderson, hasn’t been in any of their stuff lately and has pictures of himself in HS and AAU ball on his twitter page (most have something about University of Arkansas). Didn’t see Whitt either, but he just got here.

Also found it interesting that first group they showed was Harris, Jones, Joe, Cylla and Bailey.

Not that surprised no Henderson seen yet or ever again in a Hog uniform.
More concerned about Hill sightings myself.

Did you watch the video? Hill is on the court practicing.

I spent way too much time watching this video trying to figure out who’s who. There are either some number changes or the practice jerseys aren’t representative of their jersey numbers.

Jones - 15, not 13
Sills - 3, not 0
Cylla - 0
Joe - 1
Bailey - 2
Chaney - 35
Obukwelu - 13 (I think that’s who is wearing 13)
Hill - 11
Harris - 5
Gabe - 22
Vanover - 23
Notae - ?
Ty Stevens - 12