Muss’ marketing

I sure hope we have a decent crowd. I don’t remember anyone marketing our basketball program like him. Just in last 24 hours he has posted tweets of the team going to sororities and himself in the shark suit. He deserves support.

I’m going to guess about 10.

Announced crowd on the broadcast was 17,000+.



There were 17,274 tickets sold. It does not appear that Arkansas is disclosing scanned attendance anymore.

Been attending games at BWA since it opened, I can peg the crowd to within 1000.

I’ll say 11,500.


Can media FOIA scanned attendance?

Yes. In fact, the Wall Street Journal wrote a story about how colleges inflated their attendance numbers at the beginning of the 2018 season, and got its data through FOIA requests. It was one day later that we were given scanned ticket totals for the first time following a game. It was that way for all of the football, basketball and baseball games that school year. This year the attendance numbers have been for tickets distributed.

I don’t care either way, so long as the method is consistent. Unfortunately there have been three or four different methods for measuring attendance over the past 10 years, which creates inconsistent records.

I think you are correct.

good crowd for opening day, what has it been running 6-7 thousand, and from what I head, it sounded like Mussleman and his hogs did not disappoint. From what Matt wrote, he made darn sure the team was prepared to play and putting their best foot forward. he must have been a boy scout.

Great crowd for a non-SEC Tuesday night game. Think fans are excited again