Muss listed as a Louisville candidate

Down the list but still there. Paywall from The Athletic.

Oats and Pearl also listed. But their top candidate is Knicks assistant Kenny Payne.

Here we go again…

Thanks for the link. . They are in alphabetical order by last name so I don’t think the order means much . . .

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Payne checks a lot of boxes. Played at UL, was an assistant for the Squid at Kentucky, would be their first Black HC, and gives them a chance to take D.J. Wagner away from Kentucky (Wagner’s grandfather played at UL with Payne).

I agree, the only thing that gives me pause is they mention that Muss talked with Arizona last year. I don’t recall that was very serious at all, it was during negotiations and it made for some leverage for a raise.

I cannot imagine with the class he has coming in next year that he is going anywhere.

He ain’t.

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I wonder if the Louisville people are overestimating just how attractive their job is compared to good programs in other power conferences. Internal stability and a patient fanbase with reasonable expectations probably are not going to be UL’s strongest attractions.

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Kenny Played at a HS about 10 miles from my house,saw him play many times,has paid his dues for sure…still will be shocked if he gets it though but hope he does.

Now that makes me feel real old.

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