Muss just said

on Justin and Wess’ midday show they have one more spot and he prefers a transfer that has to sit out a year so he can be developed.

Sounds a lot like JD Notae.

Also the paperwork on Moss was received late last night.

What’s that mean for Walker?

I still think he’s welcome to come if he wants to.

Who is the one spot?

Phillips - Holmes - Justice
Gafford - Vanover
KES - Moss
Ibby - Cylla
? - Notae


?? - Walker

He simply said he has ONE more spot (at THIS time). He didn’t say there couldn’t be another spot open up. If the right player wants to climb aboard the Muss Bus, one most certainly will.

Richard, do you think that Muss believes CV will be cleared to play next year?

Sure would like to go after some bigger players with whatever spot we have left. Next year we lose Bailey, Cyntal and Moss. That gives us three for next year right now.

Gonna be interesting.

I think everyone involved is optimistic.

I have no inside info but I still think it is likely that Garland will not be cleared to play and will go on medical hardship. I think that is where the next scholarship comes from. After that… ?

I believe that is where the other scholarship will come from.

I asked Coach Musselman if he expected anybody else to transfer and he said no.