Muss is just a genius at this

I don’t think any coach can match him on promotions. If he ever fails in coaching, a marketing career at a large global corporation is there awaiting.


Can someone explain this to me :man_shrugging:

It’s his video reaction to the commitment of Barry Dunning Jr. today. We already had a commitment in the 2022 class from Joseph Pinion (reserved seat #1) and Dunning’s commitment meant another seat on the bus has been reserved.

I enjoy how Muss and his staff use social media. They always have a video prepared for a commitment, and usually they have more than one. I’ve already seen another one he did from the locker room reserving a locker. (Sometimes in the past, each member of the coaching staff has had his own reaction video.)

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I agree PJ . Thanks for posting this. Pretty amazing!

They obviously planned this in advance because Muss is in San Diego.

Simply awesome. The man has so much energy he makes the Energizer Rabbit look decrepit.

Safe to say Muss is enjoying the whole college gig along with the recruiting that comes with it.

So how many more seats are left on the Muss Bus? Is there enough head room on that bus for a seven footer?

I think young Mr. Ware has a seat if he wants it.

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