Muss is crazy

Like a fox. He knows exactly what kind of team he has…and he loves it. He’s putting all these smokescreens out there about shooting to get a response…from the media, fans, and more importantly, his players.

At this point, everyone knows Muss is only gonna play 8 big minutes. Problem is, he’s got 13 legit 4-star and above players.

So what does he do? He tells the world that this team can’t shoot a lick.

Genius move, in my opinion, because he has the guys thinking they need to shoot better to play. But…he really knows this team is gonna be really hard to score on, and will thrive in transition.

They shine on defense already, because they are ALL terrific athletes and are being taught great fundamentals…AB blocked 2 of Nick’s shots cleanly in the red/ white game.

And btw, Walsh, and Dunning didn’t flash in the red/white game, but I guarantee they are gonna play…a lot. I was pleasantly surprised by Graham and the twins.

Bottom line, Muss has so much talent as his disposal, that he can smile like a Cheshire cat when he says we can’t shoot.

Buckle up. It’s gonna be fun.


Think you are right. His only worry perhaps is building team chemistry.


Yep, hopefully the players are sold on the fact that winning right now should be the focus…not NBA dollars.

It is not an easy sale.


That’s where 20k rabid hog fans at the basketball palace come in to play


After being around the team quite a bit this past weekend, I can tell you these guys genuinely love each other. That wasn’t always the case with some of the teams I managed.

These guys look like they are having a blast together. That may change with some adversity, but right now they look really tight.


Even though I started for a conference champion HS team back in the day, I don’t know diddly about today’s game…probably see very little playing time with my current HS team. Anyway, I can’t imagine Muss playing only 8 guys this year even though that is his MO. Just seems to me when you are playing ALL OUT defense to complement the offense, playing 10 guys makes sense. I understand where Muss is coming from (normally) but I just can’t see fewer than 10 guys on THIS team getting significant minutes with so much somewhat equally distributed talent. Whoever #9 and #10 wind up being, just seems to me a fresh #9 and #10 would be better than a slightly tiring 1-8 guy…especially with almost no drop off in talent (this year)

I think following maybe what is bothering Muss. He likes to have players that are already somewhat developed and provide immediate impact. You can see why Muss preferred transfers over High school freshmen.

Muss at SEC Media days

“I am trying hard. We have slowed down our teaching to a snail’s pace at times. Patience is gonna be a word all year long. 6 out of 13 freshmen is a lot. It’s new for me… we’ve historically had a veteran-laden team…

I believe everything Musselman is saying about this team. Everything. The attention to detail for a young team is his focus. Details in fundamentals and his rules for specific situations are what make him a good coach. The fact that there is no carry over - or hardly any - makes coaching difficult.

I think we all need to be prepared for the lull that seems to happen sometime between mid December to mid January. I has happened each year under CM. I believe it is due to the learning curve of CM’s play calling. He is installing the rest of the playbook and not all of the players get it yet. Lets not lose hope and start bashing the team because we know what happens once they all get on the same page.

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Oh, there will be bashing of the team, the coach and specific players. Fans will bash fans. You know what they say about people: they are the worst. This fan base is no different than others. Bashing is going to happen. It’s happening with football right now. Social media is cruel. Twitter is awful. Some here are awful. Awful. Negativity abounds in this world.

Musselman has said that his first meeting with the players revealed their thoughts of social media. He said they told him that we had the worst social media interactions of fans and that was a major concern to them.

He explained that he does not follow that kind of stuff on Twitter (but I think perhaps his wife does) and that he does not read the newspapers during the season. He said he learned that habit coaching an NBA team. He said it does not effect his daily routines and how he coaches and makes sure to stay clear of all of it because it is terrible anywhere you go.

Plain and simple, there is awful stuff out there. Some of it is posted during games. Sometimes it’s after games. But it’s always there.

I don’t bother with Twitter. I might see a link to something on this forum. But I pick carefully what I open. Real carefully.

I advised staff not to bother with Twitter. They did anyway. Some spent 50 percent of their time on Twitter and that is entirely unproductive. They could have written four or five more stories for this website if they ignored Twitter. Facebook is about as bad for consuming time.

As always, there is probably a time and place for everything and I’m wrong on a total ban on spending time on Twitter. But I made a decision to spend my extra time here on this forum because ya’ll are paying customers and I felt that was productive.


You are right about the negative impact of Twitter. Unfortunately that has become the medium for everything as far as communications, good or bad. One just has to be smart enough to not read and trust everything.

News breaks on Twitter first. Players use it to their benefit including committing to a school.

Heck, Muss is one of the biggest users of Twitter. It seems he is on it when he is not coaching. And he responds back to responses to his tweets. Interestingly, Pittman rarely use it, Van Horn not at all.

But does Muss handle his twitter, his wife, or someone else delegated to do that. I suspect even if he posts stuff. He seldom reads. It could even be that something along the lines of one of his assistants has a daily 5 min meeting with options for him to post on twitter, he approves what he wants posted and moves on with his day.

I don’t know that for sure, but have a guess. Follow his Twitter account for a couple of weeks, respond to his tweets with good team related questions showing respect and see what you think. Questions have to be regarding the team, without criticism.

There is little doubt he uses Twitter as a tool. But he has a huge staff devoted to Twitter. Does he hit the keys himself? I suspect if it is to a recruit, maybe yes. He for sure knows what it says under his name.

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Clay I will take it one step further. There is pandemic in all of society right now with twitter and Facebook. There are news interviews after news interviews of children struggling with the abuse and humiliation they get from school mates on social media. It just continues. People say whatever they want with no consequence. I don’t know the solution but something will change. I get frustrated and vent and usually pick on those picking on others. Maybe I shouldn’t. I just don’t like bullies. Hopefully it gets better for all, especially kids.


Twitter is like a gun…extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Hopefully, that is about to change. I’ve lost all hope for Facebook.


Hmmmmm……is that why we only have 1 NC?

I know it’s a little different but Eminem doesn’t do any of his, he has personal staff for each “social media” he has an account for. Every once in awhile, he will get on one of the accounts and you can tell when it’s actually the man himself.

I’m pretty sure some of the genius coaches (like Muss) are doing the same thing

No. We haven’t had a great coach since Coach Richardson until now. Simple as that. This program can do anything the so-called “blue bloods” can do, because we have done it before.

If you were asking why Coach Richardson doesn’t have more…just a bad night to have both Scotty and Corliss struggle and Clint hurt in 95. The 91 team was fatally flawed, and that I won’t go into, but it had nothing to do with Coach.

I don’t know but every tweet I see from Muss reads like it came from him. He may not be typing it himself (although I think he is), but in the worst case, he is dictating it. Maybe one of our ace reporters should ask him and stop all our guesswork.