Muss House Party

If you have a subscription to Hogs+ (and you really should have), check out the latest The Follow: Muss House Party. It’s great.


The dancing was a hoot to watch

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I’m sure outside media will be able to have content like is in the future.

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My invitation must have been lost in the ether…

I think without paying the piper we will continue to receive info after any UA scheduled event such as this. The Athletic Department would not be building a subscription information business if it intend to offer free access for information of high fan interest or high entertain value.

I’m not sure I fully understand how a public university can hand pick a content provider and profit off of it, to the exclusion and really detriment of other media. Maybe it’s OK legally but it seems fishy. Seems anti competitive (I assume public universities are subject to federal anti trust laws) and perhaps even a violation of the First Amendment.

You gotta be kidding. The First Amendment says CONGRESS cannot abridge freedom of speech. It does not say that an entity cannot charge for content, even a government entity.

Under your interpretation, UA can’t have its own radio network; it would have to let every 5-watt AM station do the games.

No, you gotta be kidding me. The first amendment doesn’t just apply to laws made by Congress. Gracious. It applies to any state actor through the 14th amendment, including to a university. And there are all sorts of nuances to first amendment jurisprudence, including things like viewpoint discrimination. A clever lawyer might be able to somehow argue the University controlling access to content like this, and excluding media like Matt and others here from it, is message controlling that rises to the level of viewpoint discrimination, or some other violation of the media’s first amendment rights. A radio network is one thing. But this seems a lot more entrepreneurial or proprietary, to the detriment of all these publishers that scramble for content every day.

Nothing about the First Amendment says you have to provide free access. They have a product that people are willing to pay for, and they’re able to do that. Anyone claiming otherwise would be laughed out of court as much as I’m laughing at you.


You clearly don’t know. I’m closer to knowing than you. But I don’t know either. So let’s leave it at that.

Oh really? I worked in mass communications for 12 years. The First Amendment was why I had a job, and I studied communications law specifically.

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Right. I worked in construction on a hospital one summer during college. I therefore know how to perform an appendectomy.

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Pretty much every large university with athletic departments have platforms either exactly like what the UA has, or almost precisely like it. Public state universities

Ive been watching the videos on Hogs + and they are extremely well done. The subscription cost is worth it, which im having to make cost cutting moves since im unemployed. Thank God i will be back home in Arkansas in August to start financially getting back on my feet. The content is great and helping me stay positive in a lousy economy.

25-26yrs ago i did golf course maintenance in the Summertime while in high-school. Based on your hospital analogy above, i consider myself a great golf pro who plays into his wicked slice.

Cheers & WPS

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