Muss has Zoom meeting with transfer

Was about to post that RD! Would be a big addition.

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I don’t know if this is what Muss wants, but he averaged 14.4 ppg 5.9 rpg, 2.3 apg and was Pitt’s top defender (and that is a definite plus with Coach Muss) and he’s 6-6 and a lefty. We will be a little short on mid size players (6-4 to 6-6) that can play the 2,3 positions. Moore is 6-5 and Davis is 6-4, but other than bigs (4,5 players) we have KK at 6-0, Notae at 6-1 and Sills at 6-1. We do have Mawein who could play the 3, but I don’t know if he is a 3 or a 4. Johnson is definitely a 4 and Williams, Vanover, Iyiola and Henderson are all 4-5 players.

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I think he’s looking for bigger Fowards to replace Moses and Justin.

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Another one…

#55 Overall prospect last year.

I agree but this kid is at least as big as Moses. I agree that he would really like an athletic kid about the size of Justin or even 6-8.

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Going to be a crazy off season with transfers and the portal (even more than in the last couple of years).

Muss is going to need a lot of Pepsi.

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Here is a video of the Pitt guy playing at Cameron Indoor last year. Very impressive. I think he’d be a great fit.

Arkansas has zoomed with AuDiese Toney, his mom and dad,

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Notice he was wearing #5 in that video. Since our current occupant of that jersey will be vacating it, Toney could keep that number.

That video against Duke is really impressive. Like Justin Smith with a pure 3 point stroke (I realize he’s not quite as tall but a strong big wing who can shoot would be a key piece for next years team as we are likely to have smaller guards (KK, Notae, Devo, Desi). Moore will also fit that description but experienced depth is key

It will also be interesting to see if Mawein can play the 3 as well as the 4. And if Johnson can play the 3-4. We will have plenty of 4-5’s and 1-2’s. What we need is some 3’s. Right now we have Moore, at 6-5 and Davis, at 6-4, who can play the 3 (and obviously both of those can also play the two). I’m sure that Muss is looking for at least one or two good rebounding and shooting 3’s.

So about Toney. This a done deal or what?

Mawein can play the 4/5, not the 3.

As I posted elsewhere, I expect things to start happening very soon.

This could be a busy week for Razorback sports, including hoops.


Forgive the stupidity…but would Toney have to sit out a year? He would correct?

Nah everyone is good for next year.

Awesome. Can someone explain to me…and I understand I could do the research myself!..exactly at what stage you become immediately eligible? I see Toney played 3 years at Pitt. My understanding is you have to have graduated from your previous school…and that you can either pursue a graduate degree or simply a new undergrad degree at a new institution. So…Toney has graduated at Pitt? or will have?

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With the one-time transfer rule, any player can transfer one time, at any time, without penalty (Connor Vanover, Baybe Iyiola and JD Notae wouldn’t be eligible because they’ve already transferred once). The NCAA proposal to make that permanent was questioned by the Justice Department, which felt it still puts too many restrictions on player movement (such as the school that a kid is leaving can cut off his scholarship right away). It appears that they’ll approve a one-year version of the one-time transfer rule, which gives them time to come up with something that meets with the feds’ approval.