Muss has a chance to

How long did it take our coaches in the modern era to reach year ending Top 25?

Eddie Sutton Year 3 (18th)
Nolan Richardson. Year 5 (7th)
Stan Heath - never
John Pelphrey - never
Mike Anderson Year 4 (21st)

Muss can beat them all and do it in Year 2. Feel better about it if Joe returns.

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That would be awesome and I believe it’s doable for sure.

I really believe it could happen. This man can coach. It has been years and years since I have felt this good about the basket ball program.


Best coach since Eddie.

I’m surprised that Nolan’s 4th year didn’t end in the top 25. Finished the year 25-7, 13-3 in SWC for 1st place. Lost to Louisville in 2nd round of NCAA after beating Loyola Marymount. Back then only top 20 was published, so I suppose it’s possible they were in the 21-25 range.

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CEM has shown he can adjust to the players. That’s a plus. This season he could return the hogs to the top 25 and keep them there. The added depth and height will make the difference.

Had not thought about that. You have a good point.

By the way, I posted this to say Muss has a chance to be in the record book for that accomplishment. Not because that determines who the best coach is,

Yes! I was about to respond to Texhog. Muss may prove to be the best coach since Nolan, (not Eddie) but he has to go to 4 final fours and win 2 National championships before we can claim him the best coach the Razorbacks have had. Right now that title belongs to Nolan, and it’s not close. I loved what Eddie did for the Hogs, but he is well below Nolan as the best Razorback basketball coach.

However, I would love for CEM to become the Razorback’s best basketball coach by attaining the goals above.


He has quite a collection of players on paper, we’ll see if they can all mesh together and play as a team.

Right now, I just want him to stay with the Hogs for enough years to make him a household name.

Also, I believe Joe returns.

I believe him when he tells people he plans to retire here.


I don’t know if Muss understands (yet) what kind of pent up energy the Razorback family has for seeing the Hogs as a consistent Top 25 team going to the Dance. We have as much passion and generosity as any fan base and will show up in huge numbers to call the Hogs. Once he gets a taste of that, I believe he stays for a long time.

Clearly in the early and mid 90’s Arkansas was a top 5 program. Nolan did a great recruiting and had the ability to get these talented players to buy into his system. I always thought that Nolan was underrated as a bench coach. If you go back and watch the big games, he was certainly not out coached by Pitino, Coach K, Dean Smith, or Lute Olsen. His great teams were skilled, played hard, and had the flexibility to change as games would ebb and flow. That is the reason he won so many big games.

Coach Muss appears to have a team full of outstanding skilled basketball players. With the returning players have that played for Muss last year, he added the #5 recruiting class and 3 of the top 15 players out the transfer portal in addition to a 7’3” player that can make a high percentage of 3 point shots, a quality point guard and another big man.This team has size, skill, experience and depth. If Joe comes back, I would expect that we will still be playing ln late March.

The best teams are deep. The coach must insure that they all play team ball and that team attitude is good. This year will show what Muss can do with a team full of very good players. I would be very surprised if Muss doesn’t wow the country this year. Can’t wait for the season to start.

This is one stat that I wonder how it plays out. If Joe does not come back, we will return just one player that played meaningful minutes last year. We are looking at taking 10 new players, one or two returning veterans and one returning player that played a few minutes and making them play team ball quickly. That is challenging. How Muss is able to pull this off will determine how quickly he wows the country.

Especially for most college coaches. However, Muss has lots of experience doing this very thing in the professional minors. If anyone can pull it off, I’d place my money on Muss.

There will be so much excitement for this year’s team, sadly though, this stinking virus will probably keep us from having many fans in the stands. That’s going to suck because this team could draw some incredible crowds otherwise.

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Since Nolan.

True, but in minors no one cared if the team won or not. You followed him at Nevada as you have said. Did he have similar roster turnovers at Nevada?

Roster turnover? … For sure. But nothing like 10 new players at once; more like 5 or 6. I’d say this is a lot … even by Muss standards.