Muss getting ready for Saturday

It just keeps getting better.


Sure proud of the cohesive staff it seems we have. Coaches that seem to enjoy each other and root for each other, in my opinion, give recruits and fans the feeling of something out of the ordinary and a place it would be fun to spend time.


And the best part is, at the same time, you know he’s also working his butt off to get the basketball team ready for another successful season.


To me, this is just great. It says so much for coach to take the time to do this. I wonder what Sam will come up with for the upcoming BB season. He is not a natural at this sort of thing like Muss, but once he gets into it, I know he can be very good. Would be great to see both of them in OMA in June as well.


The synergy of the coaches is truly remarkable. It would be wonderful for each of them to get at least one championship. Now that would be a heck of a “30 for 30” documentary.

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Indeed that would be a great “30 for 30” documentary!! Understatement.

Off the top of my head, Florida and Michigan are the only schools I can remember that have won a National Championship in football, basketball, and baseball…… but neither of them had all three championship coaches on staff at the same time.

Absolutely. I didn’t make it clear in my post, but I also had Van Horn in mind as well.

I love Muss. He is like a breath of fresh air! It’s a pleasure to watch all our coaches come together in unity for each other.
Coaching is a very tough profession with a lot of ups and downs and it’s always great for other people who know exactly what you’re going through to reach out and show you they got your back!!

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CEM is a true team player! DVH is also a team player but a lot more low key. Coach Pittman has his own unique way to motivate and give credit to others.
I hope we get see all 3 of our coaches at the final 4 in March and in Omaha in June.


Now that would be great, and I think is very possible

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A little off-topic but raises a question I have for any of you ex-coaches, or who maybe know someone who is/was a college football coach (head or assistant): during the football season, how many hours per week, on average, do they put in? Got to be a ginormous number of hours. I’ll hang up and listen.

Overtime would be an understatement. You’ve definitely gotta take your hat off for their wives/ family.

Some put in more, some less, but 100 hour weeks are not uncommon (remember that a week is 168 hours). I used to do 84-87 hour weeks, every other week, and it took me the entire week in between to (almost) recover. Coaches do that all the time without a week off, even those who are about my age.

Some head coaches are good about making sure their assistants get home to their families, pick their kids up at school, etc. But some aren’t. And sleeping in their office is all too frequent in some cases.

I talked at length with a former assistant coach about the hours and time away from family. He quit and bought a business in NWA. He coached at several major programs but not Arkansas.

He loved coaching but the moves/hours etc. wore him and his family down.

I don’t know what it will take to keep Muss financially, but we can’t lose him down the road when the blue bloods start throwing heaps of cash his way. He is the most complete coach for the current environment in any sport when considering background, social media dominance, creativity and understanding of recruiting, relentless focus and drive to win, and putting together the players to maximize the team’s potential. What coach spends thousands on food for students in a different sport much less their own team?

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Got to keep him almost regardless! Been following since 1954 a she is the best. Only JFB in same league

Great to see this!! And it’s not just on the men’s side, I’ve seen softball, women’s basketball, gym, soccer, etc all give props to one another. Tight bond and rare to see.

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I think if Muss leaves it will not be about money. We could and probably would match or better any offer Financially.

We dodged Duke and UNC. Don’t see him at Kentucky. West coast, UCLA would be the watchout in my opinion, but the current coach is there for awhile and Muss knows it would be a different fan support level. I think he’s in the perfect spot short of some other factor.

Muss and team tossing breakfast burritos to the students.