Muss getting on the bus


Gotta love this guy!
His enthusiasm is contagious!

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Muss is the closest thing to Jim Robken that we’ve found.


Love it, WPS!!!

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Can you believe that Tate and Smith have never heard what a Razorback arena sounds like?

Wish their was someway to celebrate this season with a full Bud Walton…

Well, Justin Smith played for IU against us on November 18, 2018, and scored 3 points. Attendance at BWA was 12,979. Wasn’t full but it was more representative of what a BWA crowd can be.

Too bad we can’t bring Robken & Hog Wild Band back to a loud capacity crowd at BWA, even if for one game.

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Jim is like 70 years old now. I doubt he’d be charging around BWA like he used to do.

Jim was invited to come back when they played the Red-White game at Barnhill, but he wasn’t able to make it.

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