Muss Gave us Insight into The Net

In his post game PC, he went off on the Net or what ever that BS thing is. How do you beat KY and go down? LSU is high. will we go down for beating them? The whole thing is totally dumb.

Are we the best team in the country? No. Are we a number 1 seed. No. But how do you beat teams like these over and over and not move up. Is this the same team as late Dec. Stevie Wonder can see that. He got wound up and I don’t blame him.


The Net is garbage! But it is what it is. So where are we in the net now, or has it not been updated?

IMO we are where we jumped to (at the first of the year) and then fell off the cliff and had to crawl back.

8 maybe??

It’s too weird for me. Fortunately it’s not the be all factor.

I do know that margin of victory plays too big of a factor.

With the Net and the Q-1, Q-2, Q-3 and Q-4 set up how can you truly believe it’s anything but a hoax!
I do agree the Vandy and Hofstra losses are terrible and create a black hole on our resume! But look at the teams in front of the Hogs in the Net! The Big 10 figured this out long ago. Go to. 20 game conference schedule and improve the Net of the whole conference!
Stop playing a weak non conference schedule.

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Go back and look at LSU’s schedule/NET ranking of the opponent. What strong non conference game did they play?

Louisiana Monroe - 279
Texas State - 118
Liberty - 115
McNeese - 311
Belmont - 62
Penn State - 94
Wake Forest - 42
Ohio - 110
Georgia Tech - 166
Northwestern St - 326
LA Tech - 102
Lipscomb - 272
TCU - 46

Some decent mid majors there, but certainly not an overly impressive list. The road game to TCU was certainly the toughest (Wake was on neutral floor).

The eye test tells me LSU is a very athletic, NCAAT team. But certainly not a top 15-20 team in the country, which is what the NET has suggested for over 2 months.

As for Coach’s comments about the NET, it appeared that he was thinking, “How in the world has LSU been ranked ahead of us in the NET?” He did a nice job of deflecting his thoughts about any specific overrated team (if, in fact, he had such thoughts), while still conveying his overall thought about the ranking itself…… which is as much of a joke as it is a flawless metric.


Wins matter more than stats.

I can’t stand all this Net mess and all this RPI crap. I don’t pay much attention to it at all. I do know we’re playing as good as anybody in the country and I can assure you no one wants to see us in their bracket


I don’t pay attention to anything I don’t understand. Except, my wife…. :wink:


Does home vs away games play a big factor in the net? My only question about this team right now is if they can beat top 20 teams on a neutral floor. We will see on Saturday I guess. More than the net ranking what got me POd was Lunardi talking about such a huge separation between the top 15 teams and the next 15 teams with us being at the top of the much less good 15… like what?? How many other teams have 3 wins vs top 15? If we beat Tennessee then I don’t think there is a projected 4 or a 3 seed better than us, or more proven, or better resume, or however the heck you want to say it.

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We may well get 20 conference games once EOE and Mobilehoma come over from the Big 12.

But the Big 12 also has 18 conference games and they have no problems with the NET.

In retrospect, we missed two opportunities: Should have played North Texas as a real game instead of an exhibition (it would have been Q2), and Cincy shouldn’t have beaten Illinois in KC.

But the NC schedule needs to be beefed up. Hofstra was decent but not decent enough (and we lost to them). Cincy is about to slip to a Q3. K-State is high Q2 but still Q2. Northern Iowa may well make the dance but they’re barely in the top 100. OU is about to slip out of Q1 (and we lost to them).

Because nobody really understands the NET, it’s harder to game than RPI was. You could make a schedule with the RPI in mind and assure yourself both a decent RPI and a lot of wins. Can’t do that with NET.

And let me add that I understand why we schedule the way we do. We have to have 18-19 home games including NLR for ticket sales/budget purposes. And that’s with 9 SEC home games and 9 roadies, so the 13 NC games have to be about 9-10 home and 3-4 neutral or road. You’re not going to get a lot of good teams if you can’t play home and home.

Add to that that Muss is revamping his lineup annually and wants a few games to ease the new guys into their roles (and still had to revamp that in January when we hit the skids).

Maui next year will definitely be an upgrade. The worst team in the Maui field is Louisville, and who would have believed that a few years ago (how far they have fallen). Arizona, TTech, Ohio State, San Diego State, Cincy and Creighton.

We should score high on everyone’s list of “Who you don’t want to face next”, also you can rank us on on the list of “They know how to close out a game”. Forget the Net, I’ll guarantee you Rick Barnes did not get up this morning and look too see where the Hogs are on the “Net Rankings” to figure out tough of a game he has coming Saturday. WPS


I still just can’t comprehend how Lunardi says there is such a huge gap between us and the 15 teams ahead of us when we are ranked higher than some of those in the ap and coaches polls… significantly higher. 6 places ahead of Illinois for example. 4 ahead of UConn, 3 ahead of UCLA. Not to mention we are 3-0 vs the top 15

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File under CYA.

Stop playing awful teams with NET ratings in the 300s. Who was the genius who thought scheduling Little Rock and UCA in the same season was a good idea?


LSU played 3 instate schools with NET rankings of 279, 311, and 326.


All I can say is Muss and Hunter are still relatively new to the dynamics of Arkansas sports. Obviously playing UCA and UALR did NOTHING for us. Playing those games actually hurt our NET. I will beat this deceased horse one more time, if we are gonna continue to play a game in LR after finals, play one of the Arkansas teams (never A State), and ONLY one. That Hofstra game still hangs over us like the Sword of Damocles.


The Vandy loss turned into a Q-2 loss and back to a Q-3. That one has a chance to end up the Q-2 ! The Hofstra loss isn’t going to change.
In non conference action is like to see a few home and home series played with some top level teams. Getting beat by one of those don’t seem to hurt to bad.
The hogs Net was so low once they got on the winning streak it stalled dragging the poor schedule and apparently the way in which the hogs won! I think you need to have blow out wins!
When a team with 0 Q-1 wins can be in front of you in these rankings it sure makes you think something is wrong and with the system it needs to be thrown in file 13 and start over.

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Don’t lose to Hofstra and Vandy and none of this matters. We’d be pegged a 2 seed

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I think those losses are weighing too heavily.

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If we don’t lose to Hofstra and Vandy, then we might not have made the move to our current lineup when we did. That might have meant a loss @LSU. Who knows? Lots of hindsight what ifs.

As it is, we are currently a really, really good team……even if we lose tomorrow (which is very possible)

On selection Sunday, teams that see us in their bracket are more likely to say, “Uh oh!”, than the other way around.