Muss flipping the switch

To the Dads RD and DD,

It seemed like we werent gonna get any commits anytime soon with the coaches talking about slowing down the recruiting process then BOOM BOOM! Two big commits in three days! Awesome stuff.

So the question is do you think we are done till the spring or do you still think we would take 2 or even three guys if we can land them? Do we still take a Mike James or a James White or did Chance Moore take that spot kinda thing.

I think that would definitely take one more if it is the right one.

What recruiting class is that fantastic player from Melbourne, Australia in? With David Patrick on staff wouldn’t we have a chance to land him?

Pretty sure David Okwera is in the 2021 recruiting class. He now has 7 power 5 offers (no blue-bloods yet). It’s amazing that non of our big 3 recruiting services have anything on him in their data base.

They’re on so many 2021 prospects. Should be writing on some new ones soon.

I don’t see them adding much more to the class but we all know how often kids transfer. How this all works out I’m not sure because you obviously have a very strong 22 in-state class.

Keep an eye out for Jonathan Lawson. Arkansas has a good shot with him.

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