Muss family in Fayetteville

Would it be possible to get a accurate analysis of how the family likes NWA? I know they probably prefer the west coast so will we be able to keep Muss if someone from the west comes calling?

Very valid, but somebody needs to gather the whole family and ask. Then read beyond the answer given verbally.

Understand it will be difficult to get a honest answer with no need to say the correct thing.

I guess I wander because I think we very possibly have another coach Sutton coach Richardson type coach.

What does the west coast have to offer that NWA doesn’t have; besides of course earthquakes, smog, high crime rates, high prices, daily traffic jams?


Well, for one thing you get much higher taxes, too…so there! :roll_eyes:

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I see Her on IG every game with several friends around her and she is all smiles and I have seen several Youtube interviews with her and she loves it!!


California is absolutely beautiful from top to bottom. The weather is optimal in most locations. It abuts the largest ocean on the planet with great beaches along the way. There is even great skiing an hour or so from the beach. Out of all of the states I have visited, it easily takes the cake.


Correct… lived in CA for 9 years (San Diego) and really miss it… the weather is perfect 99% of the time. Beach, desert, mountains all easily drivable distance. Taxes are high but not really that much higher than AR. Arkansas is a very high tax state.
That being said I wouldn’t live in LA or San Fran for anything… San Diego area or anywhere in the Central coast…Santa Barbara up to San Luis Obispo… would live in any of those areas again…

Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake, City of Fayetteville, relatively low cost of living, low crime & easy access to local amenities museums, fine arts, hiking, & Razorback sports make NWA hard to beat.

If I want to ski or see the ocean, a quick flight & occasional week-long visit satisfies that urge. California was great place to live 50 yrs ago, but there is good reason so many Californians are relocating to NWA, Austin, & elsewhere.


Actually, according to, the state and local tax burdens (combining income, sales and property taxes) in Arkansas and California are not that different. CA is 9.48% which ranks 10th highest in the 50 states. But Arkansas ranks 20th at 8.80%; sales taxes are where Arkansans get clobbered. Washington and Oregon actually are lower-tax states than Arkansas. So is Taxachusetts. (Alaska is the lowest at 5.1%; Tennessee is next at 5.74%).

Among SEC states, Arkansas is third highest, behind Mississippi and Louisiana.

Worst tax burden? New York, followed by Hawaii, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut.

I would live in San Diego if it wasn’t so expensive. The weather is the best.

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With low property taxes, Arkansas is not a bad place to retire. Texas is touted for its low taxes due to no state income tax. However, Texas property taxes are approx. 3x that of Arkansas & sales tax at 8.25% is not that much lower.

A moderate home in DFW will cost you $12k to $15k in annual property tax which is a hefty fixed expense to absorb when on a retirement income.

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No question it’s expensive to live out there. Housing is ridiculous, gas prices are a lot higher because of the anti-smog formulation, food prices are higher, etc. Best Places says you’d need to make 80% more in San Diego to have the same standard of living as you do in NWA.

yada yada yada yada and it’s all plausible.
But the bottom line…
IF mama ain;t happy ain’t nobody happy.
Please Danyelle and THAT’S where the Muss will be.

Yup. I owned homes in Galveston and Pearland when I lived down there and trust me, their property taxes hurt.

I really don’t know of a head coach anywhere in the country, in any college sport, that has this powerful of a wife as part of his team. In a sport that’s top athletes are mostly black, it is not just because she is a black wife to a white coach. That certainly makes a statement to all black recruits that Muss sincerely values and respects black folks and that is no small thing in the recruiting world. But she is also articulate, hard working, beautiful, charming, and you have to expect that she can easily have those players & recruits wrapped around her little finger. Muss has proven on the court that he is a great coach. The best proof that he is a great recruiter is Danyelle.


With skyrocketing property values, the taxpayers here are absorbing huge annual increases in their tax bills while TX government falsely claims no tax increase.

Back on topic, hope that Danyelle & Coach Muss are happy in NWA. Sutton, Richardson, Broyles, & many others found NWA a great place to live & retire plus UofA a great place to coach with a rabid fan base. It is only getting better with the current staff, environment, facilities, & fans.

Housing and gasoline are your biggest differences…If you live west of the 5 then you’re going to pay, east of the five it gets cheaper as you move inland… Gas is usually a dollar higher there than here… property taxes are well regulated to keep them from rising drastically every year, groceries are about a wash with here… some higher some lower. Wine is cheaper :slight_smile: and tons of great microbreweries…

They refer to the “Sun Tax” in CA a lot, the so-called price of living in perfect weather in San Diego.

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Agreed. Also, Danyelle is not a West Coast girl. Grew up in Georgia, went to Florida State. Seems like she has family in Lower Arkansas too