Muss ejection

Years ago I saw Pat Foster hold back Eddie from going after a ref in Barnhill, I saw Mike Anderson hold back Nolan one night in Bud Walton, wasn’t any different today with Ronnie Brewer holding back Muss.


As much as I love Coach A, there were many times that I wished he would have lost it enough to get tossed. Muss getting tossed today had zero to do with today’s game. It was a culmination of watching his team continually doing dumb s$%t. Hell, I would have been tossed after the second piss poor defense of an inbounds play. The sobering reality is we don’t have a point guard…at least one that is playing. Dog on me all you want, but give some of Lykes’ minutes to KK and see what happens. As a matter of fact, start KK, give him a longer leash, and see what happens. He is the only true point on campus, unless we can get Daniels or Spencer to suit up for the men.


I’m starting to come around on the KK thing

I have to assume he hasn’t earned the minutes in practice, but sure may be time to see if he can earn it in the game

Some guys just aren’t practice players, but KK has a lot of game. I would start him. What does Muss have to lose after this pitiful 10 assist game today? One thing I am certain of…Devo is NOT a point guard.

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I must have missed why coach Smart has been absent, do we know why?

There is no doubt that Devo has been a shooting guard throughout his basketball career. At times, he has done a good job at the point, but he is not a high level ball handler. He clearly is playing out of his natural position and we should expect that he would struggle as a first time point guard.

In Devo’s defense, he was the lone Hog that played a good game today. I don’t expect that he scores 26 regularly, but it is reassuring that he can be a high level scorer.

The job at point guard is not filled now. Swap Vanover for KK and let KK run the point to begin the game. Get Jaxson Robinson in the game and let his 3 point shot come to him. Notae and Lykes
are not sharing the ball. This may be OK if they start shooting 50% and 40% from 3. Three makes and 11 misses won’t work against decent teams.

I would not be surprised to see the bricks reissued
and lead weighted vests as the new practice uniforms. Muss will earn his money this week.

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Musselman said he is sick.

I think Muss was sending a message to the team. Game was over at that time.

JD and Lykes have to understand how to play under control and no where you are going with the ball before you go with it.

Don’t know what the deal is with KK.

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I don’t think Notae is a point guard, nor is Lykes. Both are okay ball handlers against pressure, but not great. Devo is an off guard. All three of those guys can make things happen off of drives, but none are smooth passers/handlers against ball pressure from fifteen feet out.

If KK is going to be a piece of the puzzle as we head into conference(assuming he’s healthy enough) the next two weeks of practice and being productive when he’s on the floor are crucial.

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Totally agree.

Perhaps if he scheduled better competition the team would have been better prepared. If Arkansas was a top 15 team then what does that make Oklahoma?

If he’d scheduled better competition, we’d be complaining about 3-4 losses right now. The team has real shooting issues, but anyone paying attention has known that. Tate and Moody could shoot. The guys we have now can’t consistently. Devo can’t. He has no business taking the number of 3s he took. Notae can’t. Maybe Notae needs to come off the bench again. He’s got problems. Not a fan of his thus far.

Muss will earn his pay with this bunch.

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I don’t get the panic and sprinkle of bitterness on the board about a loss in December. We had a grand total of three guys who contributed last year back, and one of the three (Notae) had his role changed from off the bench microwave/volume shooter offense guy to starting combo guard. Did anyone really think this bunch was not going to have some bad games the first half of the season?

We brought in three grad transfer scorers, two more transfers who are banger small forwards, and a young transfer three point shooter who went through an empty year at A &M. It was quite an accomplishment to get that kind of talent in to make the Hogs a probable NCAA team in a bridge year to the high school talent coming in for 22-23. That being said, it takes a while to turn that talent into a consistently good team.

Toney was SEC ready, Umude is still getting used to playing where he is not the “man” every night/playing against better and taller teams on a regular basis, and Lykes is a high usage combo guard in an undersized point guard’s body.

Jaxon Robinson needs to keep working in the system(and probably a year of off-season work to build strength). Given what happened at A &M last season, he’s actually just now getting close to having one full year of college basketball experience. I 'm not counting him out as a contributor in the second half of the season.

Johnson looks like he’s still working his way into shape and trying to figure out the higher level game. Wade looks a step slow, but a lot of that may be a lack of comfort level. Either or both of those guys could still end up being important six weeks from today.


I noticed that too. Once might be a slip. Three is a mugging.

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Good post.

#6 Villanova has only scored 29 against #1 (to be) Baylor today Less than 4 min in game

At least their coach hasn’t checked out of game and is coaching til the bitter end

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At this moment, the numbers indicate Devo is the only one who should be taking 3s.

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In a sense of fairness for the ref’s, the first half we got most of the calls (Sooners had 11 fouls and we had 7). Plus, we got a couple of gifts on out of bounds plays. That changed in the second half, we had four fouls in the first three minutes and it looked like a lot of makeup calls. The aggressive mugging got more and more out of hand and we didn’t get many of those turning our way. I agree this was a Muss statement more to his team than the officiating however.

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I luv Muss just the way he is! It’s called COMPETITIVE on STEROIDS. He cracks me up at some of his pressers 'cause he HATES to lose so much. But he gets criticism for it, oh well. Ask his players who has their backs. Muss is gonna be Muss, and our Hoops will be winning 20 and in the SHOW every year he is here.

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