Muss doing Muss things. . .

It is no doubt why he is such a great recruiter. I hope this link works ok, couldn’t find the link to the video only, just the facebook link.


Glad you took the time and effort to post this link.

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well microsoft edge has blocked me from seeing it

I found it on twitter and I think this link may work better.


It is overpowering to think we have four players interviewing at this level… this will lead to some incredible recruitment in short order.


Thank-you for sharing. Awesome!
UA…Campus of Champions

Thank you for posting this video. I enjoyed it.

it did ,good interview!

Muss has exceeded expectations for most fans. There has been some grumbling about last year’s results during the regular season. Injuries decimated our outside shooting which led to some close losses last year. Losing Brazile was a major blow to our spacing and ability to punish teams from the 3 point line. That, coupled with Nick Smith’s recurring knee problems allowed teams to clog the paint. Our offense was often reduced to 3 point shooting by players who were much better penetrating and finishing at the rim. The team would have fared much better in close games if Brazile and Smith had played all year.

Despite everything that went wrong in the regular season, Muss led the Hogs to a good win over Illinois in their NCAA first round game. Then, for the second year in a row, the Razorbacks upset another 1 seed. Like Gonzaga, Kansas was a heavy favorite to beat the Razorbacks. These wins and their defeat of AP number 1 Auburn last year proved Muss and his Razorbacks are a threat to win every game.

I’m sure that all Hog fans know that our last trip to the Sweet 16 was in 1996 until Muss was hired. His last three team’s tournament results were Elite 8, Elite 8, and Sweet 16. His first team would have probably made the Tournament if COVID had not canceled the tournament.

Muss’ success should be no surprise. He has coached all his adult life from head coach in the NBA to a college assistant. He has learned from this vast and varied experience. He is a natural promoter and knows how to relate to young, high level recruits. He has an NBA experienced, diverse and hard working staff. And Muss has exposed his young recruits to NBA level scouting and drills, preparing his players for professional basketball. Muss believes that hard work is a major requirement for success and nobody works harder than Muss.

Muss being Muss has made him a constant national figure. Interviews with the national media keep the Razorback program exposed to top recruits nationwide. He actively encourages the students to go to the games. His success and enthusiasm have replaced the apathy of the post Richardson era. Muss being Muss = winning.

I am excited about the upcoming season. I expect another team making a big run in the tournament. Muss has transformed the Hogs from mediocrity to a top national basketball power that can beat any team in the country. WPS


Well said, and I couldn’t agree more.

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