Muss does not, yet, have the talent that Eddie & Nolan had ---------------

Also Uk and UL played again that very next season, and I’m pretty sure every year thereafter…KY legislature voted that game into law.

There was a player back then named Jeremy who was way underrated. He should have been a 4 or 5 star.

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So the thought that Eddie won with undiscovered gems, I will say that the first two groups were full of players that the national blue bloods coveted. Kentucky was after all of them. Delph, Brewer, Moncrief and Counce were coveted by the good regional teams, including Kentucky. LSU was the first to go after Moncrief and never stopped even after he announced for Arkansas.

Kansas passed on Scott Hastings, a big mistake. So that was great evaluation. Interestingly, Gene Keady did not think Hastings could play. Pat Foster did. Eddie went with Pat’s evaluation. Gene wasn’t wrong often.

They waited a long time to pull the trigger on US Reed. He was a 6-2 post player at Pine Bluff. But when they saw him play guard in the summer all-star camp, Pat Foster said that he and Eddie both knew he could cover any guard in the nation. He was so quick and athletic.

Joe Kleine was a national recruit, albeit there was a brief stop in Notre Dame.

Darrell Walker was coveted, but needed a junior college stop.

Perhaps the saddest story was Chris Bennett. He was a fantastic high school player, coveted by the entire nation. But he blew out a knee at LR Catholic and never regained that magnificent form.

Jimmy Counce said he ran into Dexter Reed in a Memphis gym after both Jimmy and Bennett went to Arkansas. He said Reed asked about Bennett’s progress from knee problems. He told Jimmy that Bennett was the best player he had ever played against, Period.


Friess had a great vertical jump. Extremely athletic. Big, strong and fast. He was advertised as a great scorer with a sure shot. But something happened to his shot. It was never consistent at Arkansas. Eddie was so tough on shot selection I always wondered if that got to Brad. I saw him shoot it great in practice but not in games.

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It was often said that Dean Smith was the only person who could Michael Jordan under 20 a game. Felt the same about Sutton. I would add Leroy Sutton as someone who probably had his numbers deflated by Sutton’s offensive philosophy. BTW I was not a Sutton at all. Hated his brand of basketball and very into it when CNR was hired.

Yep, I never saw a great scorer. But was a fine complementary player.

I never saw Chris Bennett play, but have a friend who played against him. He said he was a tremendous talent and was never the same after his injury.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Muss have a 2-3 loss team in the next 3 years.

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This has been a great thread. Clay is right…the top teams of yesteryear had great talent AND experience. Now it’s almost one or the other. Some programs try to win with great talent and just accept that they will be playing freshmen. Other programs have found a blend of not-ready-for NBA vets with some elite talent that won’t stay long.

A team like the great UNC team with a Perkins and Worthy as seniors and MJ as an underclassman would win the natty now almost without question…and not with as difficult a time as when they had to beat Ewing, Sleepy et al.

One cool thing about our current team is that while we will bring in at least one-and-done next year (maybe more), we will have some real talented experience. Williams and Devo for sure will be back as seasoned juniors. Maybe Toney and/or Stanley stays. MAYBE even JD. I like what Dykes said about JD. if he stays he might even become a first rd pick (his words not mine).

Depending on what experience stays, we could be REALLY good next year.

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Stan can’t come back, Robbie, but Toney and JD have that option.

Ah…I should have known Stan can’t come back.

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Yep this is Stan’s fifth year of college hoops.

I would really like to see Toney come back as he would keep the level of toughness at a high level with all of the Freshmen coming in.

I would love to see JD come back as I do not see him getting drafted but he could probably make some really good money overseas. Just maybe they both think a realistic chance at a national title is worth it.

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