Muss didn’t tell Arizona no until today?

Some seemed to speculate that our deal was done days ago and just waiting to sign.

This feels like we low balled and hoped for the best initially.

And put together money late and held on.

Grateful we did but sounds like a lot more of a ride from where we began to where we ended.

I wouldn’t rely too much on McPherson having any real info, especially since he began his statement with “Heard”. Could be true, but I’m waiting to hear it from a couple trusted sources before believing.

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Arizona wasn’t in any position to outbid us either way. Doubt it was all about big money. There is more to it

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I had the initial same thought by looking at the headline. But, often that’s misleading. Muss may well have officially declined Arizona tonight, but that doesn’t mean this was not a done deal earlier than tonight.

I am sure Muss used any opening for leverage in negotiations, but I would be surprised if Muss only knew tonight this was going to happen. I don’t think his past statements and his recruiting since the tournament would have gone this well if he really thought there was a real strong chance of his leaving.

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Why close the door on an opportunity until you get everything ironed out at the place you want to be?

I am told there were no serious talks with Arizona.

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And when you say that you actually mean Muss’s agent.

That’s why we shouldn’t take this stuff too personally. The agent doesn’t care about the Hogs or the Wildcats. The agent wants the best deal, and he/she is likely very seasoned in playing parties against one another.

McPherson maybe right or not, but Muss is like any other coach that is going to maximize his earnings, And he should.

If another job comes along where he is in the mix, we will have to play through this again, whether he is interested in the job or not. Let’s not take comfort in our beliefs that no other job is better than Arkansas and his family loves it here.

This is business and if Muss is successful here, we will have a Chapter 2 in the near future.

Muss has leverage now, and his agent is using it. I don’t have a problem with that. If I had leverage to get a big raise, I’d use it too. Fortunately for us, HY had already come to the conclusion that he needs to lock Muss down.

If we’re paying him close to $5 million, that makes the next raid much more unlikely. I can remember some NBA nibbles at Coach K a while back, but no college was going to throw enough money at him to get him out of Durham once he started winning nattys. (His name seriously came up for us before we hired Nolan; I remember having to check with our Raleigh bureau to get the spelling of Krzyzewski right for one of my coaching-search stories.) People come sniffing around at $2.5 million, but add a couple more million and his price gets out of the vast majority of schools’ range.

McPherson reads this board and puts info on Hogville from here.

Remember I heard this same thing three weeks ago.

He just changed the dates

I just don’t think the new deal will be anywhere close to $5 million. We’ll see.

Yep, we’ll see. It’s also possible that a week ago it wasn’t going to be that high, but AZ interest drove up the price.

Absolutely. Muss’s agent.

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Hopefully it will at least be $4 million, Williams at A@M is $3.75 million it should be better that that.

The first number I heard was $3.5 million with incentives. The last number I heard was $4.5 million with incentives. So, it should be within that range. You’re $4 makes sense, since it’s right in the middle.

Sure we will know soon

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