Muss crafted this team through the portal, through coaching, -----------

--------------------- through demanding defensive excellence first and foremost, and it is becoming a nightmare for the opposing teams in the future. Corlis and his buddies had, as a team, more talent but this team has toughness, tenacity, and a will to win that may even exceed that Natty Team’s.

Up until this recent remarkable run, there were lots of posts here upbraiding muss for how horribly he “missed” on his portal pickups. I wasn’t so sure I disagreed. This is the first one I’ve noticed since the run pointing to the portal as one of the reasons why our Hogs are excelling. I guess its still possible CEM missed, but just ratcheted up his coaching skills on those guys and voila, by gosh made them into what he thought they would be for this team. Either way, I love this team…and what they have evolved into during this season is maybe unprecedented for a Hogs team.


I think it took an abnormally long time for Muss to fashion this team into a money maker. When looking back at the “5 out of 6 losses”, the group we saw last night should have won all six of those.

Wa, wa, wa, wa, wait a minute here. That’s a big jump. That team was pretty da__ tough. I’d go back and watch some of those games with Corey, Clint, and the gang.


Now let’s not get the cart before the horse…lol…There is no better will to win than winning a National Championship.

Toughness and tenacity see - Corey Beck, Clint McDaniel, Dwight Stewart and Corliss Williamson.

This team we have right now has a lot of dog in them. What I think they do best it study the game plan and go out and execute it. You can tell all of them study the opponents tendencies in depth.

I love how this team doesn’t hang their head when they get behind. They just keep playing and dig a little deeper. I love this team dearly but until you win the big one you can’t say you are better than the 94 team.


A little different slant on this came to my mind after the game last night. I was told one time long ago by learned observer of sports in general, judge a coach not only by how his team plays, is prepared , executes, etc. but also try to visualize the coach being at the head of the other team and would he in his own style be able to accomplish the same. It was said about Bear Bryant that he could beat you with his players or take your players and beat you with them. I was thinking how many coaches in conference would get this group to play this well after the start or how Muss would do it he had some of the other teams. One cannot measure coaches this way but it is an interesting discussion to mull over and my take is Muss and his staff would be very competitive with any of teams in this league other than bottom 4-5 teams which have a lot of holes to address.


In recruiting the portal, Muss focused on 6-6+ swing players and got three triplets in Ware, Toney, & Umude. You can see the same trend in his recruiting class. A bunch of guys in the 6-6+ size range that can do it all, suited to playing his positionless basketball, able to defend and attack from 3-4 positions.

While I concur, I think where we missed is finding a suitable replacement for Williams. When JWill is on the bench we’re not close to the same team.



I don’t think I’d tell Corey, Clint, Corliss, Dwight, and Scotty they were not as tough as these guys. This team has done it for four weeks, not four months.

I get your point. Corey likes their toughness and thinks they will continue to improve on offense. Talked to him today.

I love watching this team play. They are doing it under different rules, but ‘94 team assaulted you.


The 94 team had incredible inside depth: Corliss, Dwight, Elmer Martin, Lee Wilson, Darnell Robinson, Elmer Martin. They would have destroyed the Florida center.


Did you talk to Corey for a story, Clay?

I talk to Corey all the time. I saw him at a sporting good store two days ago and talked to him briefly this morning. He was pretty busy, but I’ve got some stuff in a short column from both Corey and Jimmy Counce.


I assume you meant Wade.

I agree it took longer than we all wished but if we are still playing this way mid March, it really won’t matter.

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You cant score on all of them, and Lykes is the only one that hasnt panned out as expected. He hits a shot now and then, but i cringe every time he is on the floor. I just dont see where KK isnt a better option every time, but Muss sees them in practice.

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I have no dog in the fight but… Lykes looks comfortable, perhaps too comfortable. The few, and emphasis on few, that KK has been on the court he looks to me as having that old deer in the headlights look. Not questioning his skill level or potential but Lykes has the confidence that he doesn’t have.

Lykes is getting way more latitude for mistakes than KK, but whatever. It’s obviously not broke right now, so no need to fix it. I still hope KK comes back. He could have a big role next year.

Totally agree but that also backs up my point. The 94 team had incredible talent, two 7-0 athletes, and the SEC player of the year on the front line, very good shooting guard, great point guard, great long range shooter off the bench, it was loaded with talent. Would Notae start ahead of Scotty or Beck? Would JWill start ahead of Corliss? This year’s team may not have one starter who would have started on that 94 team. That is why I claim that their toughness MAY even exceed that of the 94 team which is a HUGE statement. JMVVVVVHO

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There is no way to compare then vs. now. The players in the league are all different. The 94 team had great mental and physical toughness. They did it the entire year and most of the next year (being runners up to the natty). This team has put together a nice 13 game run so far but that’s it.