Muss' contract and some other tidbits

Since a few of us are getting paranoid, thought I’d do some research here.

First of all, the reports that Muss’ buyout goes down on May 1 are correct. It goes from $5 million to $1.5 million. But anybody looking to hire him is gonna have to pony up probably $4+ million a year, plus $1.5M buyout, so it’s still a lot of coin.

Second, Muss has an SEC non-compete clause. So if SAO Wade gets a show-cause penalty and LSU tries to get Muss to come back to Baton Rouge (remember he was an assistant there), they can’t.

The contract if you wanna read it:

Third, there are no Power 6 openings other than Arizona right now. And I can’t see any mid-majors coming up with enough coin to get Muss to take a step down. So some P6 school would have to fire their coach a month or more after their season ended to be able to take advantage of the buyout decrease.

The Arizona talk is silly. There’s a reason they’re interviewing a bunch of AZ alums. They’re facing multiple years of postseason ban, reductions in scholarships, accused of lack of institutional control, etc.

It’s not an attractive job right now.


I agree. I think they would have to seriously overpay to get an established coach. Stoudamire was only 9-9 at Pacific this year but did go 23-10 last year.

This is just my opinion, and I told Baked this on a PM. I think everybody worried about losing Muss needs to relax. I think right now he is just hyper focused on getting the guys he wants out of the portal and putting together the best team he can. Muss is a different breed. I don’t think he is worried about the money or his contract, because he knows he is about to be paid life changing money. By all accounts, his family loves it here. Also, there isn’t a better job out there than the one he has. He can accomplish every one of his college coaching goals right here.


I’m not worried about losing Muss at this stage.

My concern is losing a chance at building back an elite program.

I worry that if we are showing that we are not willing to pay above market now for high expectations, that we are showing a ceiling that will be remembered by Muss and agent in 11.5 months when big jobs open again.

He beat a guy in sweet 16 now at 5. Others are ahead of him in pay like a Buzz Williams etc I believe.

Muss finished number 6 post season USA Today.

I want a sustainable high level program and not a one or two year flash.

My fear if we go lower than showing real appreciation is that we are investing in a year but maybe not a longer term program.

When it comes to the prices. I looked up yesterday. The $3.5 that I was told during the SECT would put him in the Top 15 nationally. The last number I heard was $4.5, that would definitely put him in the Top 10. Obviously, there are bonuses and pay raises based on performance.

From what I’ve heard, the $3.5 could top out at $5. I believe that puts him in the Top 5, I’ve heard the $4.5 tops out at close to $7. That’s definitely Top 5.

Updated numbers, the $3.5 would be Top 20. $4.5 would still be Top 10

Elite Eight finish, elite eight money. Makes sense to me, I was surprised UCLA only bumped Cronin up to $4M.

I think that as long as we pay Muss equally with coaches of similar ability and accomplishments, I don’t think we have any thing to worry about.

In the interim, I do wish that a memo of mutual intent stating that Muss and the U of A are in the final stages of completing a new contract with Muss that will compensate him based on his results as basketball coach of the Razorbacks.

I trust HY, Bush. He knows he caught lightning in a bottle when he hired Muss, and he is going to pay him life changing, program defining money. Hunter has done a phenomenal job with the entire athletic program, and he deserves a life changing raise as well.

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Aloha and mahalo BakedHog,

You consistently bring quality insight to the Board. We are so fortunate to enjoy about six superlative members like you who provide stellar inside gouge.


I’m always amused at how fast our fans want results of negotiations. There may well be an agreement, but some details need to be worked out. I remember when Clay sold HI, the people on the board went absolutely nuts. It all turned out well, but to read some of the posts before things were finalized, well …

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Monday sounds like a good day to announce it…

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I heard somebody talking on a podcast, that this process is almost designed to be slow. Muss’ people insert one word, send to back to UA, UA inserts one sentence, sends it back, and this can go on indefinitely. That is why it’s taking so damn long, Baked.

Ever seen a fast lawyer.

Can you say billable hour?


Yep, that’s always first on their mind

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I trust HY also. But I’m not sure he has the authority to tell the Board, and especially the PTB, that I’m going to pay him $5M. Of course, the Board will have to sign off, but if it’s less than $4M, it will probably be a formality. $4M+ will probably be more than just a formality. I fear that several in both groups, Board and PTB, will voice a problem with the basketball coach making significantly more than the football coach.

I fear this could be some of the delay in announcing. Hopefully, if it is, HY, because he’s done such a good job of hiring and managing the entire athletic department, will be able to overcome that obstacle.

I hope I’m wrong and the delay is all on the attorneys.

I sincerely hope that the BOT isn’t micromanaging the AD like that.

And as much as I like Sam, to channel Bachman Turner Overdrive, he ain’t done n-n-nothin’ yet. He shouldn’t be paid more than Muss.


I second that motion!