Muss coaching decisions

Can someone explain why Jalen Graham didn’t get any minutes in the second half until garbage time to foul? He played well in the first half and then never came back in. You could also see that our guys were gassed at the end of the game, most likely because we rarely use a bench player and never call a time out. I believe muss is one of the top coaches in college basketball, but the lack of substitutions and timeout when guys are clearly out of energy just doesn’t make any sense.

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Twins seem to play better defense than graham is my thought

Muss is to busy trying to match other teams instead of playing who works . He has to find time for smith and graham . Council has to be the 6th man . It’s too many turnovers and poor shots between him and devo, they’ll break the offense down dribbling then shoot. You can’t expect too much positive in a defensive conference with 3.5 non threats gaurds from past mid range. Nick has to start or atleast walsh

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I agree and thought they played good defensively tonight, even with the unfriendly whistle they faced.

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I thought they played well too, but Graham played solid in the first half as well. A few minutes for graham in the second half may have saved the twins legs for the end of the game.

Texas A&M shot 2 of 21 combined when the twins were the nearest Arkansas defender to a shot. Rim protection and rebounding is why they are out there.


Muss is not a good college coach…

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Nah he is but he’s been outcoached by a few solid coaches and that was a tough environment to pull a W out of. I’m not blaming refs this one is on muss and council. Tough defense my b*** Alabama is torching 85% of the conference by 15ppg we just can’t shoot nor adjust when we get hit in the mouth . We never swing back, i hope Nick can make defenses play honest to give our non shooters a chance , cuz council is forcing us L’s


How many college basketball teams have you taken to the Elite 8? Sweet 16?

Oh, that would be ZERO?

Ok, you should just shut up then.


I trust in Muss.

Two Elite Eights after not sniffing the Second Round for a generation.
He hates to lose as much as we do.

Even if we do not make the tourney this year, I believe we will be back making noise with new faces next year,


Muss didn’t miss point blank at the rim or have the turnovers to give the Aggies easy fast break baskets. Players did. He is a lot more ticked off about this team struggles than we are. He mentioned in his post game presser the sorry free throw shooting, the poor defense of the 3 point shot! The failure to close games. Especially the Creighton and Baylor games just like tonight.
You could dry an egg on his head. Some teams can’t handle game pressure and this is one of those pressure bust a pipe type teams.
I still can’t believe Devo missed 3 free throws in a row. This one was a choke for sure.


I thought he had the 5 guys on the court who he trusted the most in a tight game. Only issue I had was in the last couple of minutes, when it was either a lead or one possession, we didn’t drive to get to either a shot, a shot and foul, or just a foul. A&M did that. Then, Devo missed the front end of a 1 & 1 and both shots next time up. Free throw line is where this game was won in the last few minutes. With A&M’s propensity to get to the line, we had to answer them, and didn’t. I don’t think you can lay all that on the coach.

We have grown accustom to our teams the last years playing well under pressure at games end. Obviously since this team shoots so poorly when things get tight theres absolutely no one to be trusted and honestly I don’t think we have that Alpha on the team. Black would seem to be the most logical choice since Nick is relegated to a non factor…

Yet it was Graham on the floor when we went on an 8-0 run and stretched our lead to 11 towards the end of the 1st half.

Is there a video of muss postgame press conference?

Obviously my opinion is just my opinion, but I just don’t understand every time the Hogs lose a sporting event, it seems the quick and dirty response is, so and and so was out coached. In my opinion that is a lazy argument and certainly a predictable one. I think Buzz is a good coach, and even thought he was a good candidate before we hired Muss, but was the red hot shooting to begin the second half good coaching and the similar open looks we missed getting out coached?


Yes Keith. A good coach micromanages his player’s shots. Everyone knows that! Except when you’re playing at Vandy.

From my standpoint, everybody here and around the state holds Muss in very high esteem as a coach. That is deserved. He’s great. But I think he had a bad night last night, regardless of missed shots and lack of execution by players. I think there were some things he could’ve done to stem the tide. He didn’t do it. We allowed a silly 3 before half and blew a sizeable lead coming out of half. He’s a little bit stubborn with timeouts, and I also don’t understand the Ricky Council love. Ricky kills us at times. Muss is in no way above criticism. He didn’t invent basketball.


Look, I get what you’re saying. Just noting the reason. There has been an obvious emphasis placed on interior defense and rebounding when it comes to the front line.

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