Muss "coaching" a game

T’d up by the nonexistent refs.

He’s a complete nut.

He is a complete nut … and I love it!

I like that he called out Isaiah and Mason on the floor!!! Hopefully prescient. Go Hogs. Hilarious.

He maybe doing too much of this. Fans of other teams are starting to make fun of it on Twitter, given we didn’t have a good conference season.

I frankly don’t care what any other fans think. They have robot coaches


95 per cent of the responses I’ve seen on Twitter are positive (from Hog fans and others).

His timing is perfect. He’s making a lot of people smile in this difficult time.

I would say 100% of responses from Hog fans are positive. I have not seen a single Hog fan that is making fun of it. Yes, it is nice in these tough times for us Hog fans.

I was talking about few Kentucky, LSU and Alabama fans that I noticed.

I’ll bet you are a lot of fun at parties, PJ.


I bet Muss is a lot of fun anywhere, especially parties. PJ I’m not so sure - JK PJ, kinda lol.

I think he is killing it and maybe they are jealous.

These videos are trending big time on social media to positive response.

I’ll bet the recruits love it, just like the photo re-creations he did with re recruits.

These are great! I think we won the game? That is good.

Gave it to the refs.

I really believe the guys must love playing for coach Muss. He seems to be able to make anything fun. Even a virus shutdown.

It has to be good if fans of KY, LSU, etc. are making fun or don’t like it. I could care less about them!

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Let’s think about who he’s trying to appeal to. Let’s also think about the overall objective.

He’s trying to appeal to kids. Where are kids? Social media. What do kids do on social media? This kinda stuff.

The overall objective is exposure. Each video has been picked up by ESPN and Barstool Sports social media properties.

This is smart. Especially, as people are in social media now more than maybe ever.

Smart and timely.

I noticed Kim English got his nose out of joint on Twitter about these videos. Kim is an assistant coach at Tennessee who played for MA at Misery. I don’t know if he’s jealous or mad MA got fired or both.

You can’t change the past.
CEM is the future.

Kim English did play for Mike Anderson. But he seemed to be happy Mike was fired at Missouri. I recall there was an article from the late Bryan Burwell in the St. Louis Post Dispatch during Frank Haith’s first season at Missouri. The article talked about how Haith was a welcome change after the player problems Mike had at Missouri. The article was based upon several negative quotes by Kim English about Mike.

Well, Mike was not fired at Mizzou.

Right. My bad. I guess his firing is fresh on my mind. LOL.