Muss Buss

saw on the news where Coach Musselman is applying to license Muss Buss as a trademark…whoever came up with that slogan might want to intercede…it was on Ch.7’s news at 6 pm…apparently on the talk Arkansas and business web site

This is just a adaption of the popular term “GUS BUS” so any number Razorback fan was bound to reapply it. In fact I recall its use the very day his hire was made public.

I wonder if he knows that a buss is not the same as a bus. A buss (noun) is a gentle kiss on the cheek, while buss (verb) means drunk.

Bob wrote a brief on the report:


Very interesting. I previously posted (last November?) about the UA students calling the UA Transit Bus to Bud Walton, the “Muss Bus.”


I think the thread headline “Muss Buss” is incorrect. The article says CEM is trying to trademark “Muss Bus”

its a mistake on my part…meant to type bus…instead of buss and did not notice until you folks pointed it out…sorry…i’ll try to be more vigilant in the future

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