Muss at the Head of the Class!

And please don’t turn this into a CEM vs. CMA thread…

What I really like about him that will take his program to the next level is his energy. He has it on the court, off the court, with the fans, the media, and on the recruiting trail. That energy and drive is what we need right now. He will have no problem remaining at the top of that list if he goes in the Starkville tonight and comes out with a W. It will be, by far, the best victory of the season. A huge task tonight emotionally. History says we get thumped tonight. I’m ready for history to be rewritten.

3.5 point underdog. Gonna be tough to get a win there.

Regardless of the outcome tonight CEM has don’t a remarkable job this season. The only thing I wish he would have done different was use a time out in the WKY game while we had the lead to settle the team down.

This is another pay to play opponent and I think the hogs better be hit from 3!

If we don’t hit a bunch of 3’s and at a high percentage, then we might see the first rout of the season. I’m fearing 25 points plus.

-20 in rebounds and Witherspoon going off are possibilities. Hope I’m dead wrong.

What have you seen this season in our first 17 games that has you thinking that we have a chance to get blown out? Each one of our 3 losses have been nail-biters we had an opportunity to win. After each of our 1st 2 losses, we came back with a 19 point win at home, and a 4 point SEC road win.

I’m not saying there’s no chance it happens, but based on this year’s history, it would be out of character for this team and Muss to get blown out.

I agree with you, history says we don’t get blown out at home or on the road. Tough game tonight and all we can do is just get tough right along with them and see what happens. WPS

Believe me, I hope I’m totally wrong. Just a bad feeling.

We have fought so hard to come back and make it close in spite of our rebounding woes, I’m afraid that eventually we won’t be able to keep doing it. And MSU is such a bad match up for us. Hopefully, it’s a reverse jinx.

I know what your saying, I just hope our guys just play team ball and beat them in the areas we should. WPS

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