Muss' Assistant Coaching Spot

Anything new here? Been almost a month now.

Expect news soon.

Just so y’all know, it wasn’t me. Muss didn’t even invite me for an interview :wink:

Is there any truth to the rumor gashog is on the short list?

DPG will go up if he’s the one.

I think Swine was interviewed :grin:

Not sure bout Gas

Nah. If I’d been interviewed they’d have announced me by now.

I wonder if Dudley is under consideration?

Muss may be waiting until Dudley gets the clearance from all of his doctors.

I hope its this guy…he’s a recruiting dynamo!!

Marcus Monk?

Someone here owes me $100

Could that be Neon, aka Shaq?

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Reading elsewhere Muss hired David Patrick anybody seeing this?

Correct. David Patrick will be Associate Head Coach.

Yea its all over twitter… Here’s Muss’ tweet.

deleted - posted in today’s thread on David Patrick.

Blue Chips was an understatement to the corruption out there these days. Very good movie.

I wouldn’t bet on him being here long. He’s destined for a high major job.