Muss asking for support at BWA

I think this is the one thing that could cause Muss to leave. If he feels like the support isn’t there for the program he might go somewhere else.

Someone, me or someone else has used every one of my tickets this year so far. I can say the new ticket holders areas are decent, the older ones, the lower bowl haven’t been so good. Just my opinion from the upper deck.


Our fans have shown in the recent past that they will show up in good numbers for conference games. We just don’t have the same numbers for non-conference games unless it’s a big game.

I would expect much bigger crowds going forward, though concern for increasing covid numbers might keep some at home.

Our non-conference schedule at home was a joke, just the way bit worked out. The first two home games will not be well attended as the students won’t be back until Jan 18th. We do have some Saturday games scheduled at home later on, so that will help. I really haven’t seen any good teams fill up their arenas against cupcakes this year, it’s just the cost of every game on TV. NLR didn’t sellout this year, maybe football still has everyone’s attention and monetary support until after the bowl game.

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Maybe Covid had something to do with the NLR game not selling out. My sister’s extended family including grandkids have gone every year except this year for that reason.

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IMHO, that’s not an excuse for getting your tickets to someone that will use them. . . Not interested, don’t go but put in the time to find someone who will. Kids, grandkids, high school students are a great source of people who would like to go. Local scout troops, your church’s youth group, fire department, police station, librarians, the senior center. If they don’t go, they will likely know youth that might go.

Not only will the arena be full, but you could be starting a life long fan of someone who might have never been a fan before.

I keep a list, and then just work my way down the list till I find someone who agrees to use the tickets.

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And you’re 1 in a 1000 that will go to that trouble, I’ve got season tickets, I think they’ve all been used twice this season. They’ll be used for all the conference games going forward, people weren’t interested in watching us play Elon.

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I think we may be biased on what we define as “support”. It’s all relative. Regardless of how many have showed up to each game, selling out a 19,200 capacity arena for the whole season is ELITE support. Muss understands that. He ain’t leaving because of lack of support.


I bought a season ticket this year and have been to only one game so far. Tried a few times listing my ticket on Stubhub but no takers. I plan to attend more of the conference games but not all. If we keep winning I expect to see more Stubhub interest as the season progresses. But I do have only a single ticket so thats probably a drawback in selling on Stubhub.

Yep. Same, and it’s a really good single seat. I’ve tried to give mine away for free for a few non-con games with no luck.

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