Muss and the ProHogs

I think that one possibly underrated aspect of players choosing to become a Hog is the way Muss will market those players even after they no longer play here.

This awesome picture is just one of many that Muss has tweeted out with former players in the last month. He’s gone to Las Vegas to watch summer league games, and even if he isn’t present at a game, he’s always tweeting out a highlight or two that one of our players makes in a game.

If you become part of Muss’s Hog family, you are part of the family for life. He is unquestionably at the top of the Twitter game among all college basketball coaches, and he will use that marketing wizardry he has to keep your name and face out there. (And, it’s not just his former Hogs, as he still tweets positive things all the time about the Martin twins who played for him at Nevada.) Dusty Hannahs didn’t even play for him here, but he’s obviously been welcomed to the family.

I don’t follow a bunch of other college coaches on Twitter. I’m sure several of them promote their former players, but I can’t imagine any of them do it as much or more than Muss does. Does all this matter in the long run? Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t. But with the NBA connections Muss has, keeping our former players out in front of the eyes of NBA execs can’t be a bad thing.


What catches my attention is that Muss is everywhere. Boundless energy, time and probably travel budget.


This is important for are all of the recruits that follow Muss on Twitter. They are all seeing how many players due play some pro ball.


Yes, it also indicates how much they like Muss. They certainly aren’t being forced to hang out with him.


And they ate at Nobu…. Considering the number of folks, somebody dropped $4K on that meal.


Absolutely. That is why recruits flock to Kentucky, Duke and other elite schools that serve as stepping stone to NBA. Muss is taking us there.

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I ate at a Nobu last week with 8 people….you’re WAAAYYYY low on that estimate!!

Bet it was closer to $20k!

They probably weren’t drinking the Hibiki 21 like you folks.

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