Muss and the crew welcome back to campus video

He is so hilarious.


That never gets old, Billy. Love it!

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Yeah he is a hot mess :sweat_smile:


He doesn’t miss a beat in these videos. Even all three pair of glasses have been made to look taped back together. He, or someone on his staff, has brilliant ideas.


Or in his home :grinning:

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Definitely an oversight by me.

Coach Muss is a great blessing to Razorback nation. His entire family are also, they take Arkansas to a higher level.


Love it! That’s ALL BALL and Razorback, ya’ll.

If you have a subscription to Hogs+, watch this behind the scenes video showing the practice for the Tweet.


The Hogs+ subscription has proven to be an excellent investment. Clay’s interviews are riveting. But all content has been good.

I was already a member of the Razorback Foundation but with a subscription you’re automatically a member.

I unsubscribed after 6 months last year because of how slow things were added. It was really good until I had watched all the content and there wasn’t a lot of new stuff. . . . It may be time to try it again.

I had your reservations at first. It’s come a long way and I’m thrilled with it now. Clay’s interviews are wonderful. But the other content is great. Especially the behind the scenes stuff.

It has taken a while for them to build up content. But they do keep adding good stuff. Also, it was pretty dead over the summer, there was just nothing going on.

Has the basketball info increased? That is what I was looking for and at the time there just wasn’t much there.

Right now there is not a lot of basketball content. It’s full of football. I assume basketball will get heavy coverage when the season starts. For now don’t subscribe if you’re only interested in basketball.

Actually there was a lot of coverage for the preseason European tour.

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Thanks Marty, I forgot about that.

Hopefully that will continue into the season. I’d love for Hogs+ to be successful.

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