Muss and practice these next 4 days

I really hope his practices will consist of lots of shooting, walk throughs, and chalk talk. Our top 5 minute guys need to rest their tired legs.

Thur and Sat minutes:

Umude - 40 - 40
Toney - 40 - 39.5
Williams - 32.5 - 40
Notae - 27.5 - 31
Devo - 34.5 - 36

Williams plays so hard (a fantastic 15 rebounds), he really looked gassed toward the end of each half. I thought Notae looked gassed at times, but he didn’t get that many minutes, so I’m not sure why. He just didn’t seem to elevate on his drives like he usually does.

Tired legs will really affect your shooting. We are going to have to score at least in the 70s, while playing great defense, to beat the Zags Thursday.

The fantastic defense this team plays every game really gets into your legs, so that may be some of it. Toney has to be in superb physical shape to go 80 minutes in 2 games chasing the opponents best offensive players. Umude also.


Have to understand JD is probably the most active player on the court. I think he is running on pure fumes & adrenaline at times.
Rest will do these men some good


Rest and being able to sleep in their own bed a few days.

Defense takes away the legs also, 8 steals tonight you JD, yes 8

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Do enough to stay sharp, focus on execution of your game plan and as you say rest the legs and the shots will get better. WPS

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Work on getting Umude some more shots! Moving the darn ball.
I think it would be a good idea to do the passing drill with a flat ball! That would cure the knocking holes in the floor.
I’m happy about the sweet 16 and realize our hogs have some unsolved issues

Yes, and those 8 steals were huge. They were shooting 33%, so that’s about 6 points. We won by 5. And, I think those 4 charging fouls (1 bogus) were a one-off. He hasn’t had a problem with that previously.


I think back to the SECT. We were rested after our final reg season game, going in to the tournament.
We played really well, handily beating a good LSU team.
Not sure why we laid such an egg in the Ta/m game.
None the less, we were rested going in to the SEC tournament.
I hope this bodes well for our play against Gonzaga, Thursday. Of course the Zags will be rested as well.
But I think we will be much more efficient in our offensive play having the opportunity to rest the legs and getting in a good offensive scheme against the Zags.

The way they play defense really takes it out of you. It is a wonder that Toney did not need a stretcher to get of the floor at the end.

We play to the level of our opponents. If our guys don’t think a team is good, they don’t come out with “these guys can win” mindset (Ex: Hofstra, aTm (2), Vandy, Mistake, OU, Vermont, and NMSU). If we come out with the “we aren’t getting any respect” mindset (ex: KY, LSU (3), TN (2), AUB) we play much, much better.

Now, I’m 100% positive which mindset they’ll have Thursday. Let’s see if they play the way I expect them to

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So true. I love Umude and how he’s playing now, but clearly Toney was our top prize in the transfer portal. It’s not surprising that Toney was the first player Muss went after and signed. Muss is still the Portal King. He goes after defense first, then looks for offensive help. We fans, me included, look for the glitz and glamour offensive players, to gage how we’ve done in recruiting HS and the portal.

I so hope Toney will return next season!

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Well, if that the case, the Razorbacks should have their best game of the year. In face of the combination of the national and local popularity of the Zags and the subpar offensive performance of the Razorbacks, the expections likely will be a blowout by Gonzaga. In Nolan’s time the wagons would be circled and the opponent would faced an exposion at game time. I believe Muss will do the same thing but even morso because of the Razorback talent level requiring both corrective practices to address both offense and defense performance plus a well conceived set of plans for the Zags. Seeing the fatigue in Memphis I could see insertion of some height around the basket in relief of Wiliams, Trey and Toney. It is going to be a chalenge but I am hopeful that the Hogs win this one.

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