Muss adds "enforcers" with 10 fouls to give

When SEC games start, Muss is only going to play the 8 he trusts the most … I have my doubts whether either Mitchell brother will be in that rotation when the dust settles, but it is possible the most productive of the two brothers will.

You have to have a diverse 13 on scholarship in order to conduct the type of competitive practices necessary to build an NCAA tournament team … so adding the Mitchell’s length and bulk makes a lot of sense in that regard. And, occasionally, you need to insert a physical presence into a contest depending on matchups and how the refs are calling the game.

The Mitchell’s will add value if/when key post players (JWill, Brazile) get in foul trouble if they prove in practice they can defend at the level Muss demands, limit their TO’s and improve their FT %. If they can do that, it probably relegates Kamani to the end of the bench assuming he doesn’t transfer out.

Muss understands he can’t have 13 expecting to play double digit minutes … after initially SMH on the Mitchell commitment news, this may be roster management at its finest.


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From Scottie’s post and article on the Bball thread it appears based on comments from the twins they are both defensive first guys. Stated they love it and know it translates to getting out and running and more offense. They also are big shot blockers and have a pretty good 2 point % due to a ton of close buckets. We need added finishers and ones that are strong around the bucket. Their FT% is a concern but knowing Muss he will be all over that once they get here. These guys are tall, strong, can score, will rebound and won’t get pushed around under the glass. We have upgraded our front line even more and now have 4 interchangeable parts that are 6’9-6’10 provided JWill is back. I think it is a win-win for the Hogs!

You are correct though in it will be interesting to see how all of the parts will work out!


They both are more productive then anyone we had coming off the bench this year considered a “big”.


I know Nolan and Muss have a major difference is how many players play, but I still think back to 1994 when we had two GOOD but not great centers. I said at the time, “their job is to make sure we don’t get killed by the other team inside. It is not their job to dominate inside.” I also said over and over “they give us 10 fouls to give.”

When I saw the headline on this post, I thought of them.




Kind of feels like Kamani is the odd man out here, especially if JWill returns next season.

When your title said “ENFORCER” my instant thought was Roosevelt Wallace from 90-92. He was and is the perfect image and temperament to be the enforcer while he was here. “Rosie” didn’t take no shinola. I’ve not seen a player like Rosie in quite some time. He came ready to fight and ready to end it if someone else started it. But that was a different time and basketball then was not like it is now.



I’ve been really scratching my head too, but your post does make more sense of this for me. I guess what just didn’t make any sense to me was the fact it was 2 commits, not 1.

I noticed, coming out of high school, 1 of the twins was much higher ranked than the other (top 70 4* vs 3* #171), by 247 composite. But their play last season was almost identical, so it was probably just poor ranking or 1 twin caught up with the other a year later.

Anyway I trust Muss, so I’m sure this will work out perfectly and we’ll win the SEC and be in the final four next season.


Are both going to have schollies?

Loved Rosie, loved IBM, loved that team. Man, those were some fun years!




I used to call Thomas and Wallace “the thugs”. I meant that in a kind and loving way because they were our thugs. Wallace had a chest like an anvil.

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