Musical entertainment in honor of the Hogs over the Horns!


Memories :+1::+1:

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That is so special and brings back some of the greatest memories ever. Now these ladies are making some more. Of course, OKC is the real prize for them, but it just means more against that putrid orange.


So many great memories from that year and that game in Fayetteville 1965. Oh my. I still can see so many Brittenum to Crockett passes and a horrible feeling when a PAT was blocked and the Horns ended the first half after scoring 11 unanswered points, but we were up 20-11. I was already hoarse.
Happy Birthday Jon.

That was such a great song. There was another song recorded a year earlier after the win in Austin that doesn’t get any replay today. It called “Big Red” or something like that. It’s opening line was “Big Red he is a Razorback, un huh, Big Red he is a Razorback, un huh, on Saturday night he really struts so big…”

It was a catchy tune about the '64 game, but like I said, one never hears it anymore. “Short Squashed Texan” still gets some play.


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