Music City not high on us?

We earned nothing. I was hoping to backdoor our way to Nashville. Sounds like according to SEC Country the Music City openly wants Georgia. I don’t think that bowl has wanted us since we played Minnesota.

Story in Nashville paper from last week says they’re looking at Georgia, Auburn or us against a Big Ten team. Looks like Auburn may wind up in Sugar, and Georgia and us both lost this weekend, so dunno how that will change the thinking.

Any one who says they know where Arkansas is going - or even the probability of going - is simply guessing.

That being said, if the Music City ends up choosing Georgia over Arkansas, there will be one reason.

One team’s fans travel much better than the others.

That is a major, major factor with the bowls.

From reading on here, it sounds like everyone planning to travel with Arkansas to a bowl could fit in one van.

Or maybe two

I put in my bowl order last week, three tickets to any SEC bowl within reasonable driving distance from Da Fort. Those would be Houston, Memphis, Birmingham, Shreveport and Nashville. If we’re sent to Charlotte or Jacksonville, oh well.

Come on DD, it’s not like this team has over performed to get to 7 wins. We beat some non-conference teams up pretty good, hung in close with a few teams and won, got our arses handed to us by Auburn and LSU, beat a SEC East Florida team that Bama will destroy, and lost to the worst team in the SEC. It’s one thing when you don’t expect to much and over perform to do better, but you can’t blame fans for being down on what they saw after Friday. And it’s not like bowl tickets are cheap. Hotels in Nashville are certainly NOT cheap. I’m there 2 weeks a month. GA fans can make that a day trip and don’t even have to overnight in Nashville.

and I think that is any bowl. Take your pick of the bowl. A “Hot” Arkansas team would have been cherished by any bowl. The Hogs are not hot and are a very average team that loses every other game.

What is untrue in my post?

Did I criticize the fans?

This has nothing to do with the team meeting expectations. It is a simple business decision ($$$) for the bowls.

Based on the numerous posts I have read in the past three days on this board, I would say that to be an accurate assessment of those on this board

I can’t imagine we will travel well. The team underperformed and was a model of inconsistency.

Nothing in your post was incorrect.

My guess is UGA fans are also very displeased with their season and the way it ended (bad loss to Ga Tech).

The difference is there are a lot more of them and they are closer in proximity to that bowl.

I live near Nashville and would watch this sack of crap play another game.

I think you are right

We help fill up the stadium in Houston with a big crowd and we had all but about 5000’seats in Memphis so Hog Fans will travel but many are growing weary of the product

Hey, my family is planning on going unless it’s in Outer Mongolia. WPS :smiley:

Have a hotel room booked in Nashville for 3 days. Would make a day trip to Shreveport.

No interest in going to Memphis for another Liberty Bowl

Are you saying That average Hog fans are disappointed and not confident to travel to a game ?

That may be very accurate - Ark fans need a shot of confidence and excitement right now

Me? I’m hoping for a bowl win and a break out season in 2017

It’s youth I’m sure to lose like that but there are other teams with lots of youth and they win

Why can’t Arkansas win?

DD are we hoping for too much at Arkansas?

LOL . . . fans are SO sensitive . . . DD states what appears to be a fact . . . that Arkansas fans appear to be unexcited about the team and are indicating that they do not plan to follow the team to a Bowl as strongly as has been the case in recent appearances . . .

I’ll agree that, if that is the case, it does not cast a favorable light on our fans with regard to a factor Bowl weight heavily when prioritizing the teams that they’d prefer to invite. But how do you see that as “criticism” if it’s just reporting what is? If the stock market falls, and a journalist reports that, is he “criticizing” investors?

It’s sometimes better to take a step back and look at things as if Arkansas is not the team being talked about before jumping on someone who covers the teams.

I get it - we ALL want for the Razorbacks to do well, and it can hurt when they don’t perform up to the standards we’d like to see. But let’s not “kill the messenger” when they don’t . . . unless they are legitimately piling on, as some may do from time to time.

Wiz, I don’t pile on or kill the messenger. I wasn’t going after DD or any other person on the board. I said it seemed critical of the fans and in my opinion, his van comment seemed to be critical at those on here saying they weren’t traveling to a bowl. This is one of those times where you’re coming off high and mighty yourself.

Exhibit B . . . the “Van” comment was simply a slightly creative way of saying that fan excitement over our Bowl prospects was noticeably down. Some of us prefer hearing something with a little personality, rather than a robotic response. It was obviously - to me - not “an insult”; it was a reasonable commentary on the current pulse of the fandom. And the fact that you took it that way (insult) is the sensitivity that I’m talking about. If he said something similar, in the appropriate context, about someone other than Arkansas you probably wouldn’t take not one way or the other. But because it’s about YOUR team, you read something into it that just isn’t there.

Exhibit C is your response to me. I point out the obvious, and now I’m “high and mighty”.

OK . . .


We will fill the Indy Bowl allotment with ease. Fans in Dallas will chew up a lot of tickets. LR and South Ark will do quite well too.