Murray St at Arkansas game 3

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Marty are you ready for some more comeback action today!

I’d just as soon get a lead and keep it.

Yeah you keep playing with fire Iike we have you eventually get burned, need
for Lockhart to show why DVH has him in the rotation.

Lineups. Nesbit IS playing. :laughing:

Pitcher for them has a. O00 Era 5 inn 2 hits 7 K 0 BB so he’s around the plate, love to see us come out real aggressive and see if we can shake him up believe he’s a true FR

Maybe the hogs can get some base runners and get him in the stretch early.
Put some stress on him!
I’m glad to see Nesbit in the lineup.

Is anyone having problems getting the live stream working. Every game that is supposed to be live are not broadcasting. Sec plus just spins and spins. I tried other college baseball games and have the same problem. I am guessing the site is having issues.

Have had no problems with the stream

Argh, two baserunning errors in the same inning.

Yep. Started working.

Excellent camera work today… :grimacing:

Cost ourselves some opportunities to get this kid in trouble but let him work out of it

Way to go Nesbit! Proud for him

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It was great to see Nesbit get his first hit. Especially a 3 run homer! His defense is outstanding so he needs to be hitting or he may not play much.
That throw and tag by Moore was awesome.

Good to see Leach make a good throw because all his others have bounced to 2nd

Yes! He may just need some reps.
The chance to play makes the team stronger. There may be several plays on the bench that could start for other teams. This may be the most depth on the bench we’ve had in along time.

Great job by Lockhart, really moved the ball in and out very well…

Ump has a wide strike zone. Consistent both ways.

Yeah! He must have an early flight out. He’s turned the home plate into 2 ft wide with 6 extra inches on each side.