Murray St at Arkansas game 2

Nice play men.

Yeah, he should have swung at that one. It also appeared to be within a wide strike zone. That previous pitch wasn’t close.

The lead off batter has reached in all 4 Murray AB’s.

You would never know Murray State came in with .257 team Batting ave,thats the scary part.

Just when I thought Adams was settling in

I’m here at the game. Murray just looks sharper so far. Hitting them where we ain’t. We’re hitting it right to them on a string.

Defense is little shaky too at some positions.

Long way to go though.

Ok Mr Moore - Do it!

Need to put up a crooked # here… let’s go!

Thank you sir

That a boy Franklin!

Franklin so clutch. What a great time for a base clearing double.

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Showing his AA skills at the perfect time.

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current score

6-5 Hogs
Top 5tg

oh yeah

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Man this pitching staff is so Jekyll and Hyde

Monke nowhere near the plate! Can see how frustrated DVH is, the guys he is depending on don’t have a clue…

Great job by Trest! Now insurance time boys

Need to bury these guys now

Let’s score 5

Gregory seeing the ball well, wished it was a 2 run HR