Murray St at Arkansas game 2

Nesbit in Left


OMG same exact thing as last week,nowhere near the plate with his slider,release problem ,he’s pulling it,good recovery,good to see. Change-up is really good!

How to watch the game today?

SEC+ Digital

When you throw 90 and leave it in the middle of the plate they will get hammered

Behind yet again! Better get this rotation figured out,you don’t fall down 2,3 runs early in the SEC and win many… Just too many arms… Bolder ain’t the answer.

Day think it’s time to go get Bolden?

This ones gonna be tough to come back in

Still lots of at bats for us, but Murray batters look locked in

Yeah I agree and their starter has + stuff,bats need to get it going

Nothing like going into your second at-bat down 4 runs. I think we can score 5, but I hate to think we have to shut them out the rest of the way for 5 to win it. Looks like we’re gonna need 8-9 runs. But so far, this one is on Bolden.

Boom that a boy Cullen!

There’s a start.

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Well, good way to get back into the ball game very quickly. That 3-run HR from Smith turns this right back into a game.

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Moore is just outstanding at the plate. Going to be making a lot of money one day.

That was a ridiculous called strike two on Franklin
Should have loaded the bases

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Franklin should be standing on first with a walk. That second strike was so outside it would have had to turn 90 degrees to touch the corner of the plate.

Yep best approach on the team, goes with the pitch

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Cmon Adams, need you to shut the door for a few inn,good much needed DP

True, but the ump just called that; you can’t just watch the next one thrown over there…for the K.

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