Murrah bombing - the FB Hog who was lost

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Thank you Marty. This brought tears to my eyes. I arrived at Love Field to catch an airplane to Amarillo about the time of the bombing. People were crowded around televisions in the airport staring at the gutted out building. At first I thought it was another attack in the Middle East. Our innocence as a nation was shattered that spring day.

Prayers for all the victims families.

What a wonderful tribute by the 64 team to include Mickey’s kids.

I was living and working in Barlesville (Oklahoma) at the time of the Murrah bombing. It hit us hard. I didn’t find out until years later that a high school classmate’s husband was killed in the bombing. It was such a shock at the time and then when I found out about Donna’s husband.

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it wasn’t widely known except in law enforcement circles but the metropolitian bank building(as it was known in the 1990s )in little rock was also considered as a target…but was passed on as most of the federal agencies were not concentrated in one building like they were in ok city…of course the Secret Service had a large staff in place due to Clinton being the President…but the other agencies were spread out thru the city

Didn’t McVeigh pick the OKC site over the LR building because the LR building had a florist on the first floor? I don’t remember the whole story, but it was bizarre.

it was something like that…I would have to gain access to the LRPD archives to confirm all the reasons he passed on Little Rock

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