Murphy's Winning Formula

Posted above, Murphy notes that the Hogs winning formula has been demonstrated to occur when our Rushing plays outnumber our Passing plays. 5-0, versus 0-2 when passing plays outnumber rushing plays.

That’s huge…But,

That 0-2 occurred against Bama and A&M, 2.03 and 3.0 yards per carry, respectively. Yes, those rushing performances were bad. Unfortunately our best rushing performance of only 3.92 yards per carry, for 200 yards, came last week at home against Ole Miss – who has the nations #104 rushing defense.

Bama ranks #1 in rushing defense. TAMU is #68…Auburn is #52.

How in the world are the Hogs going to rush for near 200 against Auburn on the road?

Our Oline dramatically different than it was against A&M. Bama is so good that it negated any appearance of improvement. BUT AA threw for 400 yards on Bama, and that means how much Bama committed to stopping the run. Teams have been using delayed blitzes on us after Chavis showed how good that works on us.

The Oline is much improved since A&M and keep in mind this is 3rd game in a row with the same starting line up on the line. We are just now gelling.

If you look at the running plays only, we ran well against Ole Miss. The freak fumble loss and the milking the clock losses at the end distort the actual impact of the running game. Ole Miss’s linebackers have a hard time playing both the run and the pass but they were playing the run primarily and Ole Miss has some talent on the defensive line. We will find out this Saturday if our line has begun to jell and is settling down into a powerful unit. I think that Enos has tuned the play calling to do more of what they do best. This line is very mobile and seems to be more effective pulling for sweeps and screens than blocking straight ahead against stunting/submarining defenses. His play calling is jelling well as the line has improved and as our young tight ends are developing as well.

What is interesting about this game is that their anemic offense goes against our anemic defense AND our dynamic PRO style offense will go against their good defense. AU’s offense has not done that well against three of their quality opponents and held to less than 20 points in each game. Auburn beat an LSU team reeling in rumors of Les Miles’ demise. AU did real good against ULM and Misstake.

We COULD lose as the majority of pundits say. Gus is in trouble so he uses every High School trick play to beat us. The game is at Auburn.