Murphy article "Do the Math"

In Tom Murphy article “Do the Math” he says that Bama and Hogs have four common opponent: LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State and A&M. Says that Bama is 3-1 vs those teams and Hogs are 2-2. Didn’t we beat A&M, Miss State and LSU?

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Yep shore did

That has been corrected.

I think the hogs are 3-1 against those common opponents. Too. With the only loss to Ole Miss. of course Auburn beat the hogs already and Bama plays Auburn to close out the regular season.
Head to to head we will know Saturday

Auburn will be without Nix for the rest of the season. I think he had the best game of his career against us. As Clay says, who stays healthy makes a lot of difference by the end of the season.

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